Friday Five

Friday Five, it’s been awhile. I present you with Friday Five-Twitter edition! Five Twitter accounts you should be following.


@unfoRETTAble You may know her as Donna from Parks and Rec or from her standup. She is hilarious and her tweets crack me up! She’s become well known for live tweeting shows. Well, sometimes not technically live tweeting because a lot of time she watches series after they’ve been broadcast. She “live” tweets shows such as Downton Abbey, Buffy(I think she may have finished watching the series by now…), Scandal, Sleepy Hollow, award shows, sports events…whatever. It is freaking hilarious. Oh, and she’s a geeky lady who fangirls for cute boys just like we do!  I love her!


@RuPaul Needs no introduction. Ru is my goddess. His words have inspired me and picked me up when I was down. He’s full of wisdom and gosh darn is he gorgeous! A lot of his tweets are about RuPaul’s Drag Race which is currently airing, but his words of wisdom pop in every now and again and I’m here for them! (errm… I’m also here for the Drag Race tweets)



@ThatGirlsSite is run by my penpal and blogger on all things geek, Mara. Follow this account for “news on video games, movies, toys, zombies, and other cool stuff. It’s a pop culture junkies paradise. ” And check out the blog too!


@IGGPPCHQ I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about the International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club(IGGPPC). Well, this is the twitter headquarters for the club. But IGGPPC is more than just a pen pal club. It has grown into a beautiful inclusive geek girl community! We just celebrated the 1 year anniversary! Woohoo! Join us and sign up for a pen pal while you’re there!


@sophierocious And me. ^_^ Because why would I create a list without including myself?


Link your twitter in the comments!

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