It’s my birthday!

Happy birthday to me! I’m 31 today and I’m celebrating life. I was in a car accident just two days ago that completely totaled my car. As I was hit…TWICE, I seriously thought that I was going to die. Luckily, and completely surprising to the medics that arrived on the scene, I was alright. Not completely alright, but nothing serious. I’m bruised and banged up, but I got to walk away. I’m so very thankful for that. Here’s to life!

And here’s a link to a post I wrote a couple of years ago on my 28th birthday. A snapshot of birthdays past!  (Gosh. I’ve had online journals and such for more than ten years now. >.<)

12 thoughts on “thirtyone

  1. Oh Gods! I was hit by a car while walking back in ’12 and I had a broken wrist and tailbone, so I know – I KNOW how frightening that is! I am SO thankful that you’re okay and celebrating your beautiful self and life. Happy Birthday, even though it’s a little bit belated!!!

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