I’ve been “meh” on blogging lately. I’m still keeping up with and commenting on the blogs I follow, but I’ve been MIA on my own blog. I’m not busy or stressed out…I just don’t know what to blog about! I’m in a blogging funk. I left onepercentofone and started Sophierocious because I wanted a new start. I wanted to blog less about personal life and more about the geeky side of my life. Now that I’m here, I’m finding it hard to only blog about that. I want to blog about everything! Just as I did at onepercentofone. So…what was the point of moving? *shrugs* I’m still trying to figure out where I want to go with Sophierocious. But for now, I’m going to blog without the boundaries I set for Sophierocious. Maybe I’ll post more, maybe I won’t. Maybe I’ll find my voice or maybe my voice is this random mix of personal/geeky/everything! Whatever the case, I hope you will join me on this completely random adventure.

Here are some posts that I’ve found helpful from bloggers that offer great blogging tips for new and seasoned bloggers alike!

9 thoughts on “Sophierocious

  1. Blogging is such a weird thing and yet so addicting! I’ve been on the other side of the spectrum for the last six years as a ghostwriter for businesses and their company blogs. There was always a set voice, a set theme–things that didn’t have to be thought about. Having your own blog? Whole new world.

    When I started Nerd Allure I actually wanted to do a blog about women in technology and women business owners. Except I kept finding myself writing about geekier things while also having a hint of feminism. I tried making two blogs that could balance each other out but I’ve dropped that idea. My current blog hasn’t caught a really good balance yet and I’m nowhere near being an actual, proclaimed blogger, but it is building itself bit by bit.

    It’s a learning process and your link from LeslieIRL explains that perfectly–she hits the nail right on the head about blogging being a long haul sort of deal, instead of an instant “oh, now I get it!” moment when it comes to your content and niche.

    Another piece of great advice I’ve heard from, I believe, Brian Clark of Copyblogger fame. He said to never apologize for what you do and say on your blog. You take a two week hiatus? Just keep blogging like nothing happened, there’s no need to apologize so long as you publish your best content and still build a strong community. This takes off a lot of pressure as a blogger, or so he theorizes.

    Didn’t mean to go off on a tangent there but I get kinda geeked about content and talking with others about it, haha.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your experience with blogging and some advice! Feel free to geek out about it anytime! 🙂 I love your blog and all the diverse topics. You’re one of my blogger inspirations!

  2. I think it’s really important to love what you blog about. If you want to be personal share with us, if you want to geek out.. hell yeah. I love your blog because you are such a fun and talented girl. I hope you find that thing that makes you want to write again. 🙂

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