What ya playin?

My 3DS has been my system of choice the last couple of months. I’ve been playing Animal Crossing regularly since launch. I’ve had weeks where I don’t at all and weeks where I put in hours each day. I’m glad I bought this game digitally because if I had bought a cartridge, it would never leave my 3DS. My current obsession is collecting pieces for themed rooms. Here is my lovely pink room

I’m currently working on collecting pieces for the Harvest theme. I love the purple! 

excuse my Halloween floor. Leftover from Halloween decorations >.<

My Pokemon craze died pretty quickly. It was my first introduction to the series and although I was excited for the first week, it failed to keep my attention. Perhaps due to the fact that I was never into the Pokemon fandom or just the repetitiveness of it all. I’m pretty sure I’ve caught enough Pokemon to last a lifetime.  >.< Besides Animal Crossing, I’m currently finishing up Telltale’s The Walking Dead game. I played the first two episodes when they were released, but somehow never finished the last two!

My boyfriend and I recently subscribed to Gamefly, the online video game rental service similar to Netflix. I’m looking forward to playing ALL THE GAMES! Or more than I usually play on a month to month basis.  Currently top in my queue-Rayman Legends, Mario Party:Island Tour, and Adventure Time:Explore The Dragon Because I DON’T KNOW. Even with Gamefly, I know I’ll still purchase games. Just this week I pre-ordered the upcoming Zelda game, A Link Between Worlds.

Have you ever used a video game subscription service?What games are you currently playing? What games are you looking forward to playing?

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