This e-mail is to alert you that, according to our records, the pre-paid game time on your World of Warcraft account PRINCESSPIAPANTS will expire in 3 days.

SO, I’m thinking about letting it expire. Ok, not thinking about it. I am doing it!

Really, I am! I haven’t played very much this week. Mostly due to the fact that I’m afraid I’ll get yelled at for missing 6 raids in the past week and a half. Whoops! My excuse?(the first time) There was a sunny day! Those are few and far between here. There was no way I was sitting on my ass to raid for four hours when I could sit on my ass in the park IN the sun. I missed the rest of the raids because…well, I just didn’t want to go. The raids are right smack dab in the middle of the day because of the time difference. So, I end up wasting a huge chunk of my day! I’m going to play on the European servers(requires buying a new game and account) and starting over.I’m sure some of you are saying, “I knew it!” Haha, You know me better than being able to just quit cold turkey! This will allow me to raid(if I want to ) at a time that’s normal and doesn’t cut out a huge part of my day.

So, let’s take a moment to say goodbye to my toons that I’ve been playing for the last 2 years 😦


3 thoughts on “quitting!

  1. Whoa! It’s funny, I really enjoyed playing WoW but I found it so easy to stop playing. But I definitely understand how hard it is for most.

    I’d like to start it back up again someday though.

  2. @issac Thanks! It’s been more than a week and I’m not having any withdrawals yet. Though I do keep bringing up references

    @joey start when the expansion comes out! I’ll probably come back for it as well

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