an era

Today marked the end of an era. A 6 month era of Sophia and Manon living together.
She moved out today. It wasn’t an emotional goodbye. In fact, I was playing Warcraft when she left. And no, it’s not because I don’t care. It’s because I’ll still get to see her ALL the time. “Our kids” go to school together and she only lives a few blocks away. Thank goodness. BUT I’m sure going to miss dancing with her in our kitchen. 😦

However, I do get to move into the bigger room. Score! *moving into the big room dance*

Ahem. So anywho, I cooked a nice dinner this evening. I was very proud of myself. Those of you that know me, know I’m a terrible cook. So, I’m sure this will surprise you. It was actually quite delicious! It was such an easy, “soph proof”, dish. I made pink and green pasta. Which is just zuchinni, creme fraiche, onions, shrimp, and farfalle. Easy peasy and yummy yummy!

It’s nearly 3 am and I am awake. Why? No idea! I didn’t have caffiene, I’m not playing WoW, and I’m definitely not excited about tomorrow. Ughhh. Tomorrow. Tomorrow is Monday. I barely even work on Mondays, but just the fact that it is a Monday depresses me. I hope the tradition of finding an unexpected postcard from Sweden (coincidentally, on my bad days) at my door continues! It’s always the perfect cure for a poop day. 😀

Currently reading- “A Turn in the South”. So far, so good. It’s a non-fiction, travelogue about the American South. I’m also getting back into the Fables loop. If you don’t know about Fables, you fail. No need to fear! Pinkie is here to educate you on Fables. Fables was actually reccomended to me by Micheal. (If I never thanked you for introducing me to Fables, then I do now! 🙂 ) It’s a comic series starring well known characters from fairy tales/fables, such as Snow White, The Big Bad Wolf, etc. “Fables” live in a small section of NYC after being kicked out of their homelands by an unidentified guy/thing/power called “the adversary”. Sounds scary, eh? The comic illustrates their struggles/battles/love/everything else. It’s pretty awesome and easy to get hooked to. Just ask my EX roomie about the time she, a non comic reader, sat down and read one of the volumes.

3 thoughts on “an era

  1. Hey Soph, I’d dig some of that pasta if you 86 the onions or chop them into tiny bits. Maybe I’ll try cooking that next time I have a lady friend over.

    = )


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