art? or not?

So, The other day while walking through the Jordaan with my friend. I saw an interesting gallery and had to stop in. The show on display was Nude, an installation piece by Cuban artist Wilfredo Prieto.

In his second solo show in Amsterdam, Prieto will present one installation.
‘Nude’ deals with the female nude in art, which was used over centuries as a given iconography, being formal and misleading at the same time. The artist uses the space as a scenery, and brings intimacy to an audience in a cinematic way, exploring the poetic of fragmentation.

I didn’t see all of that. Just an empty room with crap thrown around. :/

2 thoughts on “art? or not?

  1. nah, not art. I am a big fan of minimalism, contemporary and radical conceptual art. But this is not that. This kind of art makes it harder for real conceptualists to be taken seriously.

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