Last night I returned from my weekend getaway to Sweden/Denmark. It was needed! I desperately needed to be away from work and Amsterdam. I have now returned, relaxed and renewed. Though work is really starting to be a pain. Not sure how long I can keep doing it…more on that later!

On Thursday, I barely made it to the airport in time for my flight, but I made it! woohoo! The procrastination princess prevails again! The flight to Copenhagen was quick. I had a glass of wine, cookie, and read about 3/4’s of “Cat’s Cradle”(more on that later). Pleasant flight. I arrived in Copenhagen and immediately ran to catch a train to malmo where I switched trains and enjoyed a dark trip to Lund. As soon as I got off the train there was Per waiting for me! It was such a great feeling. Not only because it was nice to see him since I had missed him so much! , but also because I kind of freak out in unfamiliar places with an unfamiliar language. I arrived fairly late so we had tea, talked, and stayed up all night just enjoying each other’s company.

Friday morning Per had to go to class and I stayed in bed and made up for the hours we were awake the previous night. He came home after his class with the yummiest falafel and we hung out and talked more. The rest of the day was pretty lazy. We went to a sauna. How Scandinavian?! It was my first time ever. Needless to say I was more uncomfortable than relaxed. I eventually relaxed. I want to try it again! Haha, I learned the “scandinavian etiquette” for entering and leaving the sauna. It’s pretty much “DON’T TAKE YOUR TIME! JUST GET OUT AND CLOSE THE DOOR BEHIND YOU”. Per said that’s typical of every dad when a child leaves the sauna. They wanted the sauna to stay as warm as possible. After sauna we played some video games with his friends and had dinner.


That night, Per had a gig DJ-ing at the nation he’s a part of, Blekingska. Nations, from what I understand, are similar to fraternities. They cater to certain people. There’s one that’s primarily for anarchists, a political nation, and Blekingska is considered an indie/alternative nation and there’s more! It was super cool and not lame like a frat house. It’s much more like a club and the atmosphere is different. I didn’t have the required student ID so, I was put on the guest list as the guest dj. Bwahaha. I didnt do anything except stand behind the DJ booth and look cute. Only for a bit though as I had some dancing on the dance floor to attend to!



Good times were had that night and the next day we ventured to a city called Malmo. We walked around, I got to admire Swedish architecture, and green parks, had a yummy lunch, and found a castle! The only thing I truly, truly, wanted to see in this trip. haha. It wasn’t that impressive, but I was satisfied.


It was built in 1530’s and was the place where Mary Queen of Scot’s third husband was imprisoned. (the more you know…) After walking around what seemed forever we met up with his friends. We hung out at their place and pre partied. They told me this was very much a Swedish thing and I thought…it’s very much an everybody thing! And was whisked back to memories of chugging “tall boys” of beer with my friends before the bar. *Ahh, memories* We went to Debaser to see Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin! A band I semi like and wanted to see. I appreciate that Per went with me even though he hates them. He even danced along. The show was meh, but the after party was so much fun. Spent the night dancing away to indie hits. By the way, Sweden as a whole is hipster land. Everyone there is a hipster…or at least dresses like one. The rest of the weekend was pretty chill. All in all a great weekend.

Know what I didn’t do? Have a freaking meatball! 😦

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