Sailor Moon reboot!


I’ve been a Sailor Moon fan since the beginning of time. Well… the beginning of Sailor Moon time. My love for Sailor Moon knew no bounds when I was in Jr. High. I’m not even sure how pre-teen Sophia found out about Sailor Moon, but when she did, she went crazy for it. Three of my friends and I watched the show every morning before school and talked about episodes in length on our lunch break. Eventually, we also started writing our own episodes, complete with new characters and relationships. Little did we know, we were writing fan fiction and shipping. Haha! In high school, my love never faltered. I was known as that girl who loves Sailor Moon, my email address was, my wall was plastered with Michiru/Haruka posters, I had a geocities page dedicated to the series and I lied to my dad that I needed manga delivered from Barnes and Noble to my house…for school. -_- I’ve calmed down over the years, but when I saw that my show was coming back!? I freaked! First, the excited typical fan girl squeals then the mean ol’ lady squeals- “They better not ruin my my show”!

Now I’m just excited it’s coming back and that a new generation can enjoy it. Also..MORE MERCH IN STORES! I can’t wait to watch in December/January. The anime will be simulcast worldwide on video-sharing website Nico Nico Douga this winter. Were/are you a sailor moon fan? Excited about the reboot of the series?! Will you be watching with me!?!

I’m currently re-watching the original series. I may have to dig into my mom’s attic to find my manga/fan fic next time I’m in Memphis.

3 thoughts on “Sailor Moon reboot!

  1. Love it! I was always sad that I never got to watch the whole thing in order. We didn’t have cable when I was growing up so I had to try to catch it early Sunday mornings and even then they didn’t always play them consecutively. I certainly wasn’t easy loving Sailor Moon (or any anime for that matter) in Oklahoma, USA.

  2. Oh wow, is it going to be like the Thundercats reboot? I remember always watching Sailor Moon because right after it was Gundam Wing (one of my favorite anime series) and Thundercats on Cartoon Network back in the day. It eventually grew on me and totally started my anime craze back in high school, haha. But yeah, I can’t wait to see what kinds of stuff they’ll be selling because I’ll totally get a Sailor Moon t-shirt. :3

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