It seems like everyone is making a MOBA these days. A MOBA is a multiplayer online battle arena game like League of Legends and DOTA. The genre is becoming very popular, but I’m not complaining. Bring them on! At Pax, I got to play Strife, an upcoming MOBA from S2 Games, and really enjoyed my experience. Strife will be S2’s second MOBA, their first being the very popular Heroes of Newerth. Obviously with a new game, S2 is changing things up! Most notably they will be implementing a karma system, shared gold instead of last hit gold, and there’s absolutely NO CHAT during the game! You will only be able to chat after the game is over. S2 Games aim is to make the Strife community less toxic and more inviting than other MOBA communities. I’m curious to see how this will all work out. I received 2 beta codes and Strife comic books for playing the game. The beta doesn’t open until later this year, but I’ve already registered and I have one more code and comic for you!

I don’t have very many followers to do a legit giveaway, so just leave a comment saying you want in. If I get more than one comment, I’ll pull your names out of a hat and announce the winner of the beta code/comic on September 24th. Sound good? Good! ^_^

Until then, enjoy this compilation of some Strife gameplay.

11 thoughts on “Strife

  1. You said that you where gonna give a key for this game at September 24. I fucking refreshed the page every 1 hour since 24.Its been 4 damn days, you respond to your weekly wishes shit some time after i post for info about the key and you don’t even bother responding to me .Tell me the giveaway won’t happen tell me something don’t give me the fucking silence treatment.

    PS. Yeah you guessed it i really want to play this game

    • I assumed you really wanted it since you bothered to make a couple of different accounts to enter the giveaway. The winner was chosen and sent the code. Thanks for entering!

      • Nantia was my girlfriends account.We live in the same house and obviously you saw the ips.Anyways at least i know you are alive.You could just ask me why i had 2 accounts in.If i wanted to get the key in unfair ways i would have made more posts, meh i didn’t expect else from people on the internet.

      • And Gatos lives in your house too? I’m sorry you didn’t win. Truly! And if my friend decides to not use any of his extra codes, I’ll let you know.

      • Gatos… oh i forgot about that, busted i guess :/ . Oh well i hope s2 picks me in the maillist
        I guess the extra keys is sarcasm don’t play with my pain 😦

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