your beat kicks back like death


Memphis held it’s Gay Pride festivities this weekend. I was lucky enough to be a volunteer for my most favorite non profit ever! Planned Parenthood (PPH)! I worked the PPH booth at the Gay Pride Festival, walked for them in the Pride Parade, and I worked the booth that morning at the Black Pride conference. I had a lot of fun and met a lot of people. Some cute little fairy boys, some interns, other volunteers, and directors of local Memphis non-profits who will hopefully contact me if they have a job opening. I gave them my info and let them know I was interested in a job within the non profit sector. I’m not counting on anything, but at least now when I apply for one of their jobs, I can attach a little note or something reminding them of our “meeting” and my volunteer work. Oh! I learned a new talent. I now know how to put a condom on a penis using my mouth. “Look ma! No hands!” hehe, well I learned how to on a fake penis that’s used for demonstration purposes. Now to see if it will work on the real thing! >.< The only thing I will complain about is the heat. It had to be at least 103 degrees and I was walking down that street during the hottest part of the day. It felt like the sun was just walking in the parade behind me. As soon as we got to the end of the parade, we went to our tent and proceeded to squirt each other with a water gun full of ice cold water! It felt soooooooo good.

Today, I’ve been a little down. I know when I get a job, I’ll be missing these days — I can sleep in, read comics, and surf the internet. But right now, all I want is a job! I don’t regret quitting my horrid job, but I do miss money, a normal sleep schedule, and having something to do. I feel like I’ve applied to a million jobs and not one has called me back for an interview. Besides the job thing, I guess reality has set in that I’m actually living in America again and all the things that I dislike about living here are becoming more apparent. But I’m trying to keep a positive outlook on things! I know it will get better. Just need a job, to move out of the mom’s, and some friends/social life. I have a few friends, but they’re always at work, have their other friends, or we’ve grown apart and I don’t feel like we have anything in common. Who wants to be my friend!? I’m nice! I will play video games with you and drink beer, and play with our dogs in the park, watch True Blood with you, and, and, anything*!

*ok, ok…not ANYTHING, but a lot of things ^_^

Jun 20, 2009

5 thoughts on “your beat kicks back like death

  1. God Bless Planned Parenthood! It truly is a wonderful organisation. I used to live a few blocks from one so I had the pleasure of seeing photos of aborted fetuses at 8 AM on the side of the road… oh, protests. I’ve always felt thankful for the people who worked at the site who had to deal with the constant harassment.

    I know what you mean about wanting a schedule. I am looking for work and hopeful that something will happen soon… hopefully soon for us both!

  2. Hi, Pinkie! I’m so glad you got to volunteer at the Pride events with the Planned Parenthood peeps! I didn’t get out because I’m fighting a massive sinus infection and I just knew I would faint in the heat. I look forward to meeting you at some future event! Thanks for being a volunteer for PP! We need all the supporters we can get! P.S., good luck in your job search!

  3. Pretty cool post. I just came across your site and wanted to say
    that I’ve really liked reading your posts. In any case
    I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon!

  4. @lindsay something did happen! I have a temp job! yay!

    @joan Thanks! I hope to meet you too in the future!

    @maria thanks! I’m glad you liked it! ^_^

  5. I went to Pride in Houston! It was awesome! I wish I had a camera to take pictures. I had two friends who volunteered. Love it! It was my first pride parade!

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