a step forward!

As a member of an online gaming community, I encounter really hateful speech against certain races, religion, sexual orientations, basically anything you can discriminate against ALL the time. People think that just because they’re behind a computer that they can say anything without any reparations. For the most part it’s true. The anonymity of online role playing games allows people who would normally be too cowardly in person to do so, to say some really ridiculous hateful shit just because they’re behind their computer. I personally always stand up when I hear any hateful speech. I even got kicked out of a guild for speaking up about my disgust when someone said something that was hateful or could cause a trigger for someone! I told the jerk that he should use the term “rape” so often and in such content as he did.

“Let’s go rape some horde face!” “yea, let’s go rape them until they bleed!”

Inappropriate, I think. But apparently I was starting drama, so I was /gkicked! Ha, no worries. I’m in a MUCH better guild now and they are still a shitty guild. Today I was linked to an article on www.wow.com from my friend aaron, letting me know I was not alone! None other than the organization GLAAD (the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) is also fighting for this as well.

GLAAD’s project has an established set of goals to address these concerns. To get companies to provide safe spaces for LGBT people in these virtual communities (which includes virtual worlds, online games, social networks, message boards, etc). To work with each of the companies to ensure they have solid policies in place that prevent anti-LGBT defamation where possible and mechanisms to report the defamation when it does occur. And what will be the most challenging in my eyes – to educate the user base about the real impact of their virtual homophobia.

It made my heart happy to read this. You can read more in the article found here.

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