That’s me in the middle! That pic was taken at derby practice a couple of weeks ago. I don’t have my gear on yet, because instead of putting on gear when we first arrive at practice I talk, talk, talk. When it’s time to skate, everyone’s out on the rink and I’m putting my pads on. >.<

Practice has been so much fun! TOUGH, but fun. We’ve learned so much in the last few weeks. Left-knee drops, Right-knee drops, Double knee drops, running on toe stops, different type of stops, sticky-skating, pack skating, and tons of other stuff. We even tried the whip! Every time I get whipped I want to scream a combination of , “wheeeeeeeeeeeee!/eeeeeeeeeek” It’s a rush! Besides practice we’ve been having some outside of the rink fun. We had a fundraiser at a bar 2 weeks ago. Drinks+Skates+Derby Girls=Fun! We did a raffle drawing, played tug of war (on skates!), and of course there was lots of drinking/dancing (on skates!). There were a few falls, but thankfully no one was hurt.

This is only some of the team. There are about 15 of us in total. Note that my eyes are squinty/closed. This is after a few drinks. Also, note how tall I am on skates! 5’10 without skates and about 6’1 with them on! I’m a freaking Amazon. We have a few more appearances coming up. Parades, fairs, car washes, and other events! Because we’re a completely new league we probably won’t be bouting for awhile. But in the meantime we are practicing, recruiting, fundraising and getting our name out there.

Unfortunately we don’t have practice today aaaaand I won’t be able to make Thursday’s practice! I’m so bummed! Skating has become such a mood lifter, stress reliever, and lots of fun for me. I’ll probably go to open skate at the rink twice this week to make up for it!

3 thoughts on “snowday

  1. @taylored-wife-People I’ve met in real life from the internet are always surprised.

    @kizzy-thanks 🙂

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