life in a blur

Phew! And Monday is over. 1 work day down, 4 more to go. Actually 3 more to go! I am using one of my vacation days and taking off Wednesday. No reason really. I just feel that I’ve been working entirely too much and I want a day off to sleep in and run some errands.

I had a good weekend. Finally stopped putting it off and went to the optometrist. I’ve worn glasses nearly all my life, but for the last couple of years I’ve gotten into a bad habit of not wearing them and just squinting or straining my eyes to see everything. I usually just pop my (out of date prescription) glasses on if I am at a theatre or driving. My optometrist informed me that my eyesight has gotten worse and my new prescription is almost twice as strong as my last. eek! I ordered not one, but two pair of new glasses. If I’m going to have to wear them ALL the time, I need options. 🙂 I’ll post pics when I get them back, sometime this week. I also spent a lot of my Saturday in a salon getting my hair done. Got it straightened+extensions+curls. A style I re-visit every few months
Spent Saturday evening celebrating Allison’s birthday. We went downtown for dinner and then drinking around midtown. I was kind of meh all night because I’m currently a PMS-ing, moody, emotional, Pinkie at the moment. But she had a blast, which is all that matters since it was her birthday! There have been a lot of birthday’s this month! A lot of parent’s were getting it on at Valentine’s Day. Bow chicka wow wow! So, Happy Birthday to all you out there especially my sister Nina, and my friends Heather, Alena, Bettina, and Allison. OOOh! I bought the cutest gift for Heather. She is a sushi lover. Like, big time. She even dressed as a sushi roll for Halloween a couple of years ago. So, I let her choose out her favorite stuffed sushi roll!


Aren’t these adorable?! I’m gonna order two for myself. Probably the salmon and the shrimp roll. You can find them over at ThinkGeek. (kudos to steven for the link!)

5 thoughts on “life in a blur

  1. Dude!! LOVE YOUR FREAKIN HAIR! I obviously need to come to your neck of the woods and get my hair done. Can I be nosy though – you said you got your hair straightened, do you generally wear it natural or do you have a perm?

    I had micros for about 8 months last year & eventually my perm grew out. When I took the micros out for the last time, I decided to not do the natural look, but to get a perm again. (Huge mistake!) My natural hair is thick & pretty, when I get a perm it’s thin & a pain in the ass to maintain!

  2. thanks @daisy, allison, and Ayprel!

    @ebonyjewel- I wear it naturally, though I’m at the breaking point. I am this close to breaking down and getting a perm! I miss the versatility of it. I looove my natural hair, but I also love it being permed!

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