Today is the last day of my fall break. I had a week away from teaching the little ones. It was good. Didn’t complete any of the tasks I wanted to, but I relaxed, caught up on some TV shows and got a lot of rest. That’s what breaks are for, right?!

In the beginning of the week, my boyfriend and I spent some time in his hometown of Ravenswood, West Virginia. It’s a teensy little town with a population of only 4,000. We spent the days running around visiting his family and the nights drinking and hanging out with friends. We had a good time. I always love visiting West Virginia in the fall.  Most of the state is covered in trees in bright orange, greens, and reds. It made the 5 hour drive from Indiana a beautiful ride. Here’s a few photos I snapped while we were there.



made it

I made it! I’m in Memphis. The drive down wasn’t so bad. It’s a 12 hour trip and we made it in 12 hours. Which was good time considering we stopped about 6 times. I like to stop during road trips. If I see a sign that says Scenic Overlook, you better believe I’m pulling over. If I see a sign for some sort of shop or winery I’ll pull over for that too! On the way down we stopped at the New River Gorge Bridge. A huge steel arch bridge in the southern part of West Virginia. It’s the 3rd longest in the world! Every year in October the West Virginia hosts Bridge Day. 80,000+ spectators attend and BASE jumpers come from all over the world come to jump off the bridge. CRAZY!!! I would never do that, but I do want to do the Bridge Walk. A 1.5 mile walk along the catwalk (850 ft above the river) of the bridge.

New River Gorge Bridge by me


We also stopped at Tamarack. A huge,interestingly,shaped building in Beckley, WV that sells handmade crafts, arts, and WV wines and other cuisines. We just walked around checking out the place and picked up two bottles of West Virginia wine – dandelion and blackberry.

I wanted those Raggedy Ann/Andy dolls, but couldn’t justify it for $35 a piece!

The bf spent a couple of days here with me and then left. 😦 I miss him like crazy, but I’m settling into life back in Memphis just fine. I had my first roller derby practice with my new league on Monday. It was an intense practice! I can already tell I’m going to be a much better skater, skating with this league. In my former league, me and a few of the other girls were the longest skaters of the team. Now I’m surrounded by ladies that have been playing 4 times as long as I have. I’m excited to learn from them. I’m a part of the league, but I’m not officially a part of a team yet. They have a draft day in September. When that day comes, the three teams will bid on me and I’ll be a part of  one of the home teams… hopefully!

Classes start on Monday.  But until then I have a lot of free time. Which means lot of quality time with my Kindle! I’ve been sort of a book nerd lately. :/


I have been guilty of using the outdated term “Booyah!” twice this week >.<

In other news, HI! Sorry about my short absence, I’ve been kinda sick. For the past 4-5 days I’ve been on this on again, off again stomach thing?! No idea where it came from, but it’s gone now.

After missing a week of practice, I was back on my skates yesterday. We had a guest coach from a team in Georgia! She was a lot of help! She went over skills that we HAVE to know to pass our skills test. Each skater is required to pass the skills test in order to be able to play on the team. Luckily, we don’t have a test for a couple of months. Gives me time to improve my knee falls. I’m fine with the right knee fall and getting better with the double, but I can’t seem to recover from the left knee fall as quick as I should. I think it has a lot to do with my right ankle (the one that’s been broken and sprained and everything else bad that could happen to an ankle) which I have to use to get up from the fall. It just isn’t strong enough yet. 😦

I attended an activist training last week. It was held by Planned Parenthood-my favorite reproductive health organization. My loyalty to Planned Parenthood started in college. It was where I could go for affordable exams, birth control pills, and testing. Planned Parenthood was (is still!) a lifesaver for a broke ass college student like me. I became more involved with Planned Parenthood though my feminist organization in college- raising money for the clinics, counter-protesting the anti-choicers outside of the clinic, escorting patients in, and the most simplest which went the longest way-letting the employees know how much we appreciate their work and risking their lives just to help us. After college I volunteered more by actually representing them at different events and giving miniature sex education talks to whomever stopped at my table! I even learned stuff. Like how to put a condom on with my mouth! Thanks Planned Parenthood! Woah, totally went off subject there. The training! The training was very informative and I needed it. I haven’t been around very many progressive people since I moved here and the meeting was a “Hey! We do exist here! you just have to find us”. I learned some effective ways of canvassing, telephone banking, lobbying, and about West Virginia reproductive laws which I was clueless about before. Looking forward to more involvement soon!

Oh! I’ll be skating in a Pride Parade this weekend! Woot! Another thing I am both an advocate and activist for-Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) rights. There will be pictures and hopefully no falls on the concrete!

pepperoni rolls!

Today the bf and I went to the WV Three Rivers Festival Carnival. It was cute. Smaller than what I’m used to for a carnival, but hey, it’s a small town. What did I expect?

We weren’t really interested in the rides. It was a beautiful sunny day and we couldn’t spend it inside! Oh…and I wanted to get a fresh pepperoni roll. :3 Some of you may not know what a pepperoni roll is. I didn’t before I moved to the “Pepperoni Roll capital of the world” (they were invented here!). Here, Pepperoni Rolls are everywhere! In gas stations, grocery stores, on menus, in some man’s cart on the side of the road. Ok, maybe not in someone’s cart, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw that. Pepperoni Rolls consist of “a fairly soft white yeast bread roll with pepperoni baked in the middle. The pepperoni can take several forms: a single stick; several folded slices; or shredded or ground meat. During baking, spicy oil from the pepperoni suffuses the bread”. The Three Rivers festival had a pepperoni roll eating contest and a pepperoni roll bake off, so I figured it would be a good place to loose my pepperoni roll virginity.

And I figured right! OH MY, was that pepperoni roll good. My pepperoni roll is the one on the right. It was split and inside there was mozzerella cheese and a sort of chilli sauce. The bf’s is on the left. He only opted for cheese. Oh and those other things in his plate? Those are fried oreos. He wanted to try them. I had one, but didn’t really care for it.

Anywho, I love pepperoni rolls and can’t wait to take some down to my mom and sister in Memphis. I think they’ll like them too. in the meanwhile, Ill try not to eat too many of my new found love!

This could be the end of me!

Aaron and I discovered a lovely dessert shop today. Almost Heaven in Bridgeport, West Virginia.

I love little quaint cafe’s/coffee shops and Almost Heaven is the only one I’ve spotted in our area (so far). It was definitely a treat when it didn’t disappoint! The shop has a very nice open space with the typical stage for open mic/acoustic shows and they were playing indie rock over the speaker. Yup, indie rock! I fell in love when I was able to sing along to 95% of the songs they played. It’s a rarity in West Virginia because I usually hear country or top 40 in a public place. In addition to the nice atmosphere and great music, they had a ton of desserts-a variety of cheesecakes, cookies, muffins, and drinks (oh my!) . Aaron ordered a German Chocolate cake and I got a fattening, but OH so yummy, Oreo cheesecake.

They were both delicious! I also got a chai tea, my personal favorite which I’m very picky about and guess what? It was perfect! PERFECT! Damn you little quaint dessert shop with your yummy cheesecake and your perfect chai tea, DAMN YOU! Good thing I’ve been running…CONSISTENTLY. I’m proud of myself! *rewards myself with more cheesecake*

Anyway, If you live in the area, pay a visit to Almost Heaven and if you don’t guess what?! You can order from them online! @ Almost Heaven Desserts.

*I’m not going to reward myself with more cheesecake.

also, non cheesecake related but just as awesome is a giveaway going on at the Epiphanie bag’s site! You can have a chance to win either a $2500 gift certificate for Southwest airlines OR an awesome Canon 5d Mark camera. Go enter, because if I don’t win, I want one of you to!

country roads

I almost made it through the entire month of November without drinking a coke *! Almost! After missing a flight on Thanksgiving, I ended up having to take a later one. Which means I spent the majority of my thanksgiving in an airport. Frustration and hunger got the most of me- had a greasy lunch from krystals with a coke. It was delicious. And that folks was “breaking the seal”. For the rest of my holiday I drank coke whenever I had a chance. BUT now that I’m back home, I’m back on a no coke diet.

Despite the airport problem, my trip was nice. Went to West Virginia to visit the bf. It had only been 9 days since the last time I saw him, but you know how new love is. It felt like a month!! We spent most of my trip at his place and the last day and a half at his parents. Time at his place consisted of movies, cooking, video games, cuddling, and black Friday shopping. Yup! We dared to go out at 5 am to take advantage of some deals. I got RockBand and he got some blu Ray discs and a ds(for meeee!) at great prices! Time at his family’s house was a little more active. We attended two family dinners and did some hiking. His family lives on a huge amount of land. I thought it was a lot less when I agreed to take a hike on it >.< Maybe it’s a good thing we did take that hike considering how much coke I had! The hike was really beautiful(and tiring!). I felt like a kid again climbing over fences to see creeks and the best views from the mountains. It was so nice up there and SO creepily quiet.


We also went to their pastures where I attempted to feed cows. They wanted nothing to do with me. I also drove a tractor!!! Haha! I felt like such a country bumpkin, but it was fun and I enjoyed it. All of this stuff is really new and exciting for a girl that’s always lived in big cities. His entire family was so shocked that I had never shot a gun! They wanted to teach me but we never found the time. But they haven’t forgotten. They say they’ll get me next time.


I had a really good time with him and his family! No idea what’s next in this relationship. We’ve officially been a couple for about 3.5 months now so it’s still new. Traveling back and forth to see each other is getting annoying AND expensive and it’s definitely getting harder and harder to say goodbye with each time. Buuuut were not rushing anything. I’m hoping for the best, because I REALLY Like him and he really likes me back.


coke*-any type of “soda” or “pop” not exclusive to coca-cola 🙂