Hello, December!

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December! Where did you come from!? This year has flown by so quickly! I feel like we were just welcoming in the year 2013 and here we are. So close to saying goodbye to it.

I hope all of my American friends had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday wherever and however you spent it! My boyfriend and I had loose plans on traveling to either of our families Thanksgiving celebrations, but at the last minute decided on a stay-cation. Just me, him, and Piper(dog). Last minute meant we had to brave the crowded grocery stores on Thanksgiving Eve to get the makings for a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Totally worth it. On Thanksgiving, we parked it on the couch in our pj’s, with our food and watched movies and caught up on TV. It was nice to have a holiday to ourselves. Very relaxing. In the past, we’ve gone to Black Friday sales the day after Thanksgiving, but this Black Friday we both did some shopping online. I picked up a couple of dresses from Modcloth and this cute Sailor Moon tee from Teefury*.

As a former girl scout and a huge Sailor Moon fan this tee had me squealing. Isn’t it rad?! I can’t wait for everything to arrive.

Did you take advantage of Black Friday sales? If you did, tell me what you purchased! And if you have the heads up on any Cyber Monday deals, let me know.



I saw it at midnight (of course) with my bf and 4 other friends. I loved the movie. It stayed mostly true to the book. I’m not one to complain about little differences. I see the movie and book as two entirely different ways of telling the story of Harry Potter. We will be seeing it again next week in Memphis with a friend.

Memphis?! Yep, Memphis! I haven’t been home since January, so I’m coming to town for Thanksgiving. So excited to see my mom, friends, and eat some lovely southern food. I’m looking at you fried okra!

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?



but not really. I ate a good amount of my candy, but only about 5% of it. The rest was given away to kids! For the first time in my life, I don’t live in a city where parents aren’t afraid to let their kids go to strangers houses to trick or treat. I passed out candy for the first time and  it was kinda crazy. We got about 300-400 kids! I actually ran out of candy halfway through and had to run to the store to get more. It was insane! The bf and I were eating french fries as we passed out candy and some little kid BEGGED us for a french fry. I didn’t mind giving him one, but I asked his dad first  and he wasn’t having it. The id threw a fit. It was amusing to say the least.

It’s November. I am now officially counting down the days until Harry Potter-Deathly Hallows pt 1! I’m thinking about re-reading the book before I see it. I’m going with a couple of friends and we’re dressing up. I’m surprising everyone with Gryffindor scarves!

I’m making them in the most basic stitch. If I try to get technical with it, I will never finish before opening night!

country roads

I almost made it through the entire month of November without drinking a coke *! Almost! After missing a flight on Thanksgiving, I ended up having to take a later one. Which means I spent the majority of my thanksgiving in an airport. Frustration and hunger got the most of me- had a greasy lunch from krystals with a coke. It was delicious. And that folks was “breaking the seal”. For the rest of my holiday I drank coke whenever I had a chance. BUT now that I’m back home, I’m back on a no coke diet.

Despite the airport problem, my trip was nice. Went to West Virginia to visit the bf. It had only been 9 days since the last time I saw him, but you know how new love is. It felt like a month!! We spent most of my trip at his place and the last day and a half at his parents. Time at his place consisted of movies, cooking, video games, cuddling, and black Friday shopping. Yup! We dared to go out at 5 am to take advantage of some deals. I got RockBand and he got some blu Ray discs and a ds(for meeee!) at great prices! Time at his family’s house was a little more active. We attended two family dinners and did some hiking. His family lives on a huge amount of land. I thought it was a lot less when I agreed to take a hike on it >.< Maybe it’s a good thing we did take that hike considering how much coke I had! The hike was really beautiful(and tiring!). I felt like a kid again climbing over fences to see creeks and the best views from the mountains. It was so nice up there and SO creepily quiet.


We also went to their pastures where I attempted to feed cows. They wanted nothing to do with me. I also drove a tractor!!! Haha! I felt like such a country bumpkin, but it was fun and I enjoyed it. All of this stuff is really new and exciting for a girl that’s always lived in big cities. His entire family was so shocked that I had never shot a gun! They wanted to teach me but we never found the time. But they haven’t forgotten. They say they’ll get me next time.


I had a really good time with him and his family! No idea what’s next in this relationship. We’ve officially been a couple for about 3.5 months now so it’s still new. Traveling back and forth to see each other is getting annoying AND expensive and it’s definitely getting harder and harder to say goodbye with each time. Buuuut were not rushing anything. I’m hoping for the best, because I REALLY Like him and he really likes me back.


coke*-any type of “soda” or “pop” not exclusive to coca-cola 🙂

Guess where

I’m typing from?! Yup, yup! My brand new shiny, aluminum macbook is here! Can I just tell you how much I love Macauly(that’s his name! Shout out to Dev for the creativity). He is simply beautiful! I’m still not to keen on the black keys on the aluminum, but whatever! For the couple of days I’ve had it, I’ve been busy downloading old widgets, programs, organizing photos, and yes, installing World of Warcraft-Wrath of the Lich King. Wish I had something amazing to say about it, but honestly, I haven’t played it very much. It just hasn’t held my interest.

This past weekend I had a wonderful, late, Thanksgiving! Like I said in an earlier post, my friend Tony in Limbricht(a small village in the south of the Netherlands) hosted a dinner for some of his friends. It was DELICIOUS! There was stuffin, ham, macaronni, gumbo, turkey, and lots and lots of wine(special wine that turns me into a tall amazon woman towering over my friends that forgets how to do the middle charlie angel pose)!

Hahaha! We had a really good evening full of eating, gaming, and of course we went out. I wish we could have more weekends like that. It was so much fun!