April-What I’m into

Or rather what I was into in April. 🙂 I always plan to participate in this link up,  but I forget about it or lose track of time and just scrap the idea all together. Not this time! I am linking up for Leigh Kramer’s What I’m Into prompt

Reading– I only read two books in March. Actually if I’ve being honest, I started both of these in March, but finished them in April. Still counts!

I have been in love with Taraji Henson forever. I don’t watch Empire(it’s on my list), but I’ve watched her in so many tv/movies and have fallen in love with her personality from following her on social media. Her memoir, Around the Way Girl does not disappoint. It’s in her voice so it’s hilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarious, but also does a very good job of telling her life’s story. I gave it 5 stars on Goodreads.
The second book I read was “I’m Judging you” by comedian/activist/blogger Luvvie Ajayi. I love her blog and enjoy her on social media, but I wasn’t a big fan of the book. It should’ve been a short read, but I could barely get into it. It started off strong and just petered out. I was hoping for a collection of essays that would make me laugh and give me something to think about, but it just fell flat on everything. It wasn’t a good book or a bad book. Just meh.

Watching– I recently reinstated my Funimation account. Funimation is like Netflix for anime and man have I got my money’s worth. I watched a lot last month but my favorites were Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid  and Interviews with Monster Girls.The latter being my favorite. It’s about monster girls trying  in a normal world trying to navigate high school life. It’s super cute!




End of category! That album is so damn good. I don’t have to skip a track. The entire album is great. I’m not even tired of Humble which has been playing EVERYWHERE!

Oot and aboot – I participated in a fashion show. The theme was Evolution of Fashion and I was privileged enough to have my vintage clothing on the runway. It was a great experience which I will blog about soon. I also got a new job! I’m a shop girl at the cutest shop in downtown Memphis.

Creating-NOTHING! Which I should definitely be doing. I did see a cute tutorial for mini pot planters on A Beautiful Mess.

Crushing on

From Left to Right, From top to bottom

1. Flower Watercolor Print  2. P.S. I Love You Pin 3. Floral Enamel Brooch Set 4. 70s Pastel Dress 5. Pink Wrap Dress

Daydreaming-about leaving the city for a getaway! Lots of things have been getting in the way of that. But I am dreaming of escaping for a little bit and exploring a new city.

And a new car. Mine is on the fritz.  😦

So glad I posted in time to participate in this prompt. Check out what other bloggers were up to in April here!


Real World-Foo Foo Island

I am obsessed with Nintendo’s new game Tomodachi Life. I can already tell it won’t have the long term playability that Animal Crossing has for me, but for now, I’m hooked! Tomodachi Life is a  simulation game that takes place on an island inhabited by Miis that you import or create. The Miis on Foo Foo Island, my island, are all based on my real life friends and family, a couple of online friends I imported via their QR codes, and that handsome bastard Jon Snow.  You assign the Miis personalities that match up with their real life counterparts. And boy, it is so eerie how similar the Miis are to their real life look-a-likes.  There is so much drama! My boyfriend is flirting with my sister, I’m married to one of my friends, Jon Snow and I are always fighting! It’s like a season of The Real World.

*insert daydream sequence music*


This is the true story of  9 strangers picked to live in Mii apartments

On Foo Foo Island

On Foo Foo Island

Work together (in grocery and retail stores)  

Work together (in grocery and retail stores)

and have their lives photographed by the 3DS camera.

To find out what happens what happens when people stop being polite...

To find out what happens what happens when people stop being polite…

And start getting real.