As you know, the Dutch lost this Sunday. I’m really proud of them for making it to the final. You did good, boys! I got to watch the final game with my very own Dutchie, Arjan and a couple from roller derby.
We started off watching the game at a bar, but the atmosphere got a little tense when Arjan started yelling/screaming at the tv in Dutch. The other customers started getting a little pissy. Someone even played the jukebox to drown him out. Little did they know he can definitely out yell a jukebox πŸ™‚ After the first half, we were invited to my friend’s house. Definitely a good call. There was more room for Arjan to scream Dutch swear words and jump/run around the house! It was a sight to see.

Arjan is gone now, but I had such a lovely time while he was here. He stopped by for a few days as part of his “around the world” trip. He’s travelling the world for a year and lucky for us-blogging/taking fabulous photos along the way. Make sure you check out his blog- The Other Flying Dutchman. I can’t wait to read about his adventures. Especially, South America.

While he was here I go to do a lot of exploring/site seeing. We visited a small town in PA to see architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous Falling Water. The house was beautiful. It flowed and fit perfectly with it’s surroundings. Just as it was meant to.
(photo by Arjan)

While we were in the Pittsburgh area we walked around the strip district, met up with a friend of Arjan’s and had Primanti Brothers. I’ve been wanting to go to Primanti Brothers since I saw them featured on an episode of Man vs Food. Primanti bros is a sandwich shop that sells a variety of HUGE sandwich that include some awesome cole slaw and fries on the sandwich! I got a turkey and cheese and Arjan had some kinda of sausage deal.

He finished all of his and I almost made it. Almost! Definitely about 75% of it was devoured.

The next day was an outdoorsy day. We traveled to the southeast corner of West Virginia to visit Blackwater Falls Park. On the way there we randomly came across the smallest church in the U.S., Our Lady of Pines. It was adorable.

Once in the park, we did about 5 miles of hiking, explored some waterfalls and dangled our feet off of cliffs! Well, Arjan and I did. The bf is a bit afraid of heights.

I crossed something else off the list! #92-screaming fuck you to a few people off the top of a mountain. πŸ™‚

It felt good πŸ™‚


steel city con

I am no longer a con-virgin. Me and boyface braved the snowy roads to attend the Steel City Con yesterday. I had a blast! It was just like I imagined-toys, collectibles, comics, and nerds. I spent a lot of time staring at 80s toys. I saw a lot of toys that I had when I was a kid-cabbage patch dolls, Legos, He-man dolls, Skeletor dolls, Ninja turtles! And a shit-ton of barbies!

And of course a ton of comics. I didn’t buy any comics because the ones I wanted were all in single issues and I prefer to buy them in collections, also known as Trade Paperbacks. Saw some “famous” people. Bo Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard was there and some WWE girls. And Darth Vader was there, a few storm troopers were walking around, the joker and Harley Quinn, and randomly, some pirates. *shrug*

Oh yah! Boyface and I got a caricature made. It’s of us as Link and Zelda

Glad I got to go. And hopefully there will be more in the future. I reaaaally want to go to THE con. Comic-con, San-Diego, but tickets have been sold out forever. *sigh*


I love making plans ,but when I do I usually ended up not following through with them oooor remixing them and doing something completely different than what I was meant to do (need to work on this!). Which means, even though the boyface and I went to Pittsburgh we didn’t do everything that I planned. I planned on going to the Phipps Conservatory, but the morning of I changed my mind and decided I’d rather visit the Carnegie Museum of Art! Good choice, if I must say so myself.

We spent a couple of hours exploring the halls of architecture, pop art, photography, and sculpture. I was thrilled when I stumbled into a small room filled with some of Kara Walker’s work! Something that I’ve come to love since I discovered her about a year ago. We also had free entry to the Museum of Natural history, but were both too hungry to go on for a couple of hours. Which brings me to the next plan I screwed up. we were supposed to have a nice dinner at some cutesy sit-down restaurant, but because we were both STARVING! after the museum, we decided to just grab something that was nearby. I picked out 5 Guys Which I had heard of, but have never tried. It was greasy, fattening, not what I had planned, but oh so yummy! After eating, we shopped! That’s something I did stick with! Well, sorta! We went to Ikea and picked up stuff for the apartment including cuuute coffee mugs!

We planned on going to H&M but I was way too tired and grumpy to want to go to. I know, I know! Surprised me too! But after sitting in traffic FOREVER, I just wanted to go home. So, we did and on the way we stopped at Target, because even though it isn’t H&M, it still makes me happy. Picked up some stuff there and went home to relax and play video games. Even though not exactly what I planned, it was still a nice day. I liked Pittsburgh. It’s a busy city with a lot going on. I look forward to exploring it more.

In other news, I think I’ve finally cured my insomnia! For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been having trouble sleeping. I found myself going to bed, but waking up 3-4 hours later, and not being able to fall back asleep until the next night. I don’t know how I was functioning on such little sleep, but I was. I finally, after people suggesting it for years, tried Melatonin. It’s a supplement that relaxes you and helps you to fall asleep and natural. Even though it’s natural, I still hope that after a week or so, my schedule will be regulated and I’ll be able to sleep a whole night through without it’s help. We shall see!