Hearts and Hearts Vintage has a couple of exciting things planned for October. First up is Tako’s Treasures-a vintage pop up market in downtown Memphis for the month of October. For the entire month Erica of Tako’s Treasures is curating a vintage and art market featuring local vendors and artists. I’m so excited to be getting the exposure that this location gives. The space is amazing and it is filled with amazing vintage clothing, shoes, accessories, house wears…you get the point. If you’re local, definitely check it out! It’s located at 7 N. Main, Downtown Memphis from 11am-7PM every day in October!


Not in Memphis? Most of the vendors can be found online!!

Hearts and Hearts Vintage (me)

Mint Cream Shop

Tako’s Treasures

Sonic Temple

Style and Substance





Trashy Diva is having a sale on their sale section! 50% off of items that are already significantly cheaper than their original prices. Know what that means?! It means I purchased my first TD dress! I’m so excited to get it and I hope it fits. *crosses fingers*




The Crybaby Club (shoutout to Memphis’ own Natalie, the creator)  is having a sale on their pins all week long. $5 for these awesome enamel pins. Including my favorite and most worn, the Memphis Heart enamel pin.




Not a sale, but Funlola’s Workshop (another Memphis shop) had a shop update with lots of new items added to her shop. My favorite are the succulent necklaces!  Have a visit to her shop and follow her on Instagram for behind the scene looks on how she creates her pieces. Each one is amazing and painstakingly detailed.




Pop up!

On March 19th, Hearts and Hearts participated in the first Sunday Vintage Pop Up Market. The Sunday Vintage Pop Up will be a monthly pop up market held on the Fuel Cafe patio. There were vintage vendors, handmade sellers, and yummy brunch (and mimosas!) provided by Fuel Cafe. I had one of their breakfast quesadillas and I can tell you they are superb. Here are some photos from the event.


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It was a lot of fun. I met a lot of people, hung out with friends, did some networking and made some sales! All in all, a successful pop up. The next pop up is in April. Hope to see you there!






I saw it at midnight (of course) with my bf and 4 other friends. I loved the movie. It stayed mostly true to the book. I’m not one to complain about little differences. I see the movie and book as two entirely different ways of telling the story of Harry Potter. We will be seeing it again next week in Memphis with a friend.

Memphis?! Yep, Memphis! I haven’t been home since January, so I’m coming to town for Thanksgiving. So excited to see my mom, friends, and eat some lovely southern food. I’m looking at you fried okra!

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?


I feel the need to give this topic the respect that it needs. Last week another act of violence was committed against a trans woman in Memphis. She was shot in the nose and throat by her attacker because she “misled him about her gender.” She’s still alive and in critical condition.

Sadly, it happens quite often here. I was shocked to learn that in the last 2 years five trans women have been shot in Memphis. 3 of those resulting in deaths. It really disgusts me! Just because of differences. I find it ridiculous that in this day and age people can’t show tolerance. Come on! No one is asking you to be ok and agree with their lifestyle, but be tolerant of it. Please? If you disagree with how they are living don’t take it out in violence against them. What does that solve?! Nothing.

I wish I knew a way to solve this-these hate crimes. Education maybe? But where do we start? At home? I do think that parents need to start instilling tolerance in their children at young ages. They need to teach their children that it’s ok to be different. And not just with race, which is the only tolerance I remember being taught about, but teaching them tolerance of people with different backgrounds, sexual orientations, religion, life choices, everything! But what happens when the parents don’t agree with tolerance of such things and don’t teach their kids!? Then who do the children learn from!? And what about the parents that instead of passing down the need for tolerance do the exact opposite and pass down more intolerance!? And what about all of the people in the world that are ALREADY intolerant of differences? How are we supposed to reach them!? ahhh! This kind of stuff frustrates me to no end…

I guess I’ll never know the answer, but I do think tolerance would help. Maybe then we wouldn’t have to hear about Dr. Tiller being murdered for his choice to perform late term abortions. Maybe then I wouldn’t be reading about the 3 murders of memphis transgendered women, Leeneshia Edwards, Tiffany Berry and Ebony Whitake.

My heart goes out not only to Kelvin Denton as he recovers in critical care RIGHT NOW, but to victims of any hate crimes, the ones we’ve lost and to all of their families.


I’m back in the netherlands. woot

The flight here was ok. I slept the entire time thanks to my lovely sleeping aids. Hopefully that will help against my jetlag. So far, so good. I’ve been awake since 8 am and no sign of tiredness yet. Memphis was nice…yup. That’s me, the mississippi river, and the bridge that connects TN to Arkansas.

TOMORROW is halloween! My roomie and I are having a sort of get together/party thing. I’m kind of nervous because we haven’t done anything to prepare for it. Oh well, beer+our friends+music+costumes=fun times anyway.

and if it starts to suck we can always just go out 🙂