Friday Faves

I love hair accessories. If you see me, more likely that not,  I’m wearing a headband to hold my hair back or have a clip of some kind adorning my hair. This edition of Friday faves is dedicated to rad hair accessories made by equally rad ladies.

(clockwise) // These glitter heart pins are so cute! You can find them at Make+Do. Or you can try your hand at making your own! The owner of the shop posted a tutorial on her blog. I made a couple and always get complimented when I wear them. Here’s the post if you’re interested in making your own —> D.I.Y. Glitter Heart Pins // I’m half-Sierra Leonean so Ankara and African textiles in general have always been a part of my style. These Ankara braided headbands from QuellyRue are so colorful. Sure to brighten any outfit up! // Gwen, of A Geek and Her Oven, recently added bows to her shop. They’re all darling, but my favorite is Liz. Named after Liz Lemon of 30 Rock.I love the soft blue color and hello?! It’s covered in donuts. DONUTS! Find bows and other geeky accessories at A Geek and Her Shop.

Share your favorite shops to find hair accessories! I’m always searching for new ones.

hair today

I cut my hair this weekend! On Friday night I took out my kinky twists, planning on re-twisting on Saturday. On Saturday, I didn’t feel like twisting. I just wanted it short. I only cut about 4 inches off my natural hair, but 4 inches is a huge difference!

I love it. I’m still getting used to it, but I love it! I’ve never worn my natural hair out like this before. ┬áToday my co-workers will see it for the first time. Wonder what they will think…


I twisted my hair (with extensions). I’ve braided it million times before, but this was my first time doing two strand twists. It’s a lot easier than the braids and I love it! Only took about 8 hours.