This arrived in the mail today from my dear friend Tony. 3 of my favorite Dutch treats! Hagelslag, pindakaas, and Chocolate letters. I was reallllllllly excited to get them and contemplated a way to eat them all at once. I thought about smearing pindakaas over a chocolate letter and sprinkling hagelslag on top of it and devouring it!

It was only a thought. I’m not going to do that. Instead I’ll eat it as slow as possible so it can last foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….or a couple of weeks ^_^


I promise everything on my “Typical Dutch Things” list won’t be food, but I was inspired by my lunch today for my next topic!


Hagelslag, prounounced….umm, I don’t think I can tell you how to pronounce it through a blog. It requires the dutch “hocking a loogy” sound and I’m not sure how to write that phonetically. Hagelslag is a typical Dutch sandwich topping similar to chocolate sprinkles! It’s really popular for kids on their breakfast sandwich, but there is ALWAYS hagelslag in my kitchen. I eat it all the time. I love the stuff. I even put it in my ice cream and sometimes when I come home a bit intoxicated I’ve been known to chug some before bed. (lol) Apparently, Dutch people eat about 14 million kilo ‘hagelslag’ per year on about 850 million slices of bread. I think I count for a lot of those bread slices >.<

To make a perfect hagelslag sandwich you-

1-butter a slice of bread
2-sprinkle a crap ton of hagelslag on it
3. You can then either it it like that or smoosh the hagelslag down into the bread, fold it,and EAT IT!

There is an art to it. When I first had it in August 2007, this is what my bread looked like
Just pathetic! There’s barely any hagelslag on it! Now, after almost 2 years, this is what my hagelslag sandwich looks like normally!

so much better ^_^

Hagelslag comes in all types of flavors. Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White chocolate, mmm! There are also different varieties of them. ‘Muisjes’ (little mice) are a sort of hagelslag. They’re sprinkles with sugar and colored outer cover and equally as yummy. It’s Dutch tradition to eat “beschuit met muisjes”, a biscuit with muisjes, when a baby is born. Pink/white for a baby girl and blue/white for a baby boy.

I’ll be bringing a box or two home with me!