PaxPrime/Seattle was a good time! I’m so glad I was able to attend even if it was just for 48 hours. And what a jam packed 48 hours of nerdtivities it was. In a previous post, I mentioned the basics about Pax, but I’ll yap about it a bit more. Pax, Penny Arcade Expo is a 3-4 day gaming convention brought to the public by the guys of Penny Arcade. Currently, there are 3 Pax events that happen worldwide. Pax Prime-in Seattle, in the Fall, PaxEast-In Boston which occurs right before Spring, and PaxAus-in Melbourne, Australia which happens in the summer. Pax Prime and Pax East are the biggest gaming conventions in North America with over 70,000 attendees. Both big names in the gaming industry and indie developers bring their new video games and consoles for the fans to have a first look and first game play on the exhibit floor. There are panels scheduled throughout the entire weekend from game companies such as Bioware and Gearbox(and tons more!), panels dedicated to crafting, community management, romance in gaming, diversity in tabletop gaming, the making of games….if it’s gaming related, you can find a panel on it at Pax. There’s also a tabletop gaming floor where you can join tournaments, purchase new games/supplies and checkout games and try them out at one of the hundreds of freeplay tables! Oh, oh, oh! There’s also the handheld lounge, console lounges (classic and present gen!), Arcade rooms, PC areas, concerts, and more. Seriously. if you ever get a chance to attend a Pax, do it!

I think Adam Sessler and the guys of Casual Friday summed up Pax pretty well in this video, “What’s so great about PAX?“. It’s a party/festival for gamers that happens both in and outside of the convention walls. I love PAX and the friendships I’ve made from it. Ahh!! I can’t wait for East! I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s what I did in Seattle/Pax.

I arrived at 10 am on Thursday after being in airports and on planes for 7.5 hours. I was pooped, but my time was limited so I started my day! I spent the day wandering around downtown and Chinatown until I couldn’t stand any longer. Then it was on to my friend’s house to nap before the Sixth Annual Triwizard Drinking Tournament. The TWDT was a good time. I had a blast battling wizards from all 4 houses. I’d love to tell you guys I was victorious and finished all of the challenges this year, but I didn’t! I could only complete the first 3- Challenge 1: The Two Wands Drink two shots at once, Challenge 2: House Duel Pair up with an opponent from your opposing house and cast your best spell (shot), Challenge 3: Divination OWL Pair off with a partner and secretly choose rum, tequila, or vodka. If your partner correctly guesses which you’re thinking of they can take their choice of shot. If they guess incorrectly you choose which of the three they must drink. Reverse roles and repeat. I could have continued, but after 4 shots it was in my best interest to call it a night. I had a full day of Pax the next day! Anyway, 3 out of 5 ain’t bad, right…RIGHT?

I woke up bright and early on Friday to start my day at Pax. I waited in line for about an hour to get in, grabbed my loot bag, and hit the floor. The Prime floor is…actually not one floor. It’s a couple of floors and it’s so overwhelming. Wall to wall covered in everything I want to have a look at. I headed to the Sony booth first and played a couple of games on the PS Vita. I played Killzone Mercenaries and although I’m not a big fan of shooters,  I was impressed by the quality of this game on a handheld. I also played Hohokum. I had no knowledge of this game before, but when I saw it, I had to play it. It’s more of an experience than a game. You’re a snake like creature traveling through levels/worlds. There is no score, time limit, or tutorial. Developer Richard Hogg has said that the game is about “relaxing in a space and just enjoying the experience and the music, instead of trying to complete it to make progress”.  It is beautiful in the way that Journey is beautiful. Excellent visuals, score, and experience. Hohokum, Tearaway, and Flower are really doing a good job of making me want a PS Vita. While in the Sony booth I also had a look at the PS4. I didn’t get to play it (3 hour wait!), but I did watch gameplay of Killzone Shadowfall on the PS4 and it looks amazing. My short Vine of gameplay does it no justice, so do yourself a favor and Youtube some gameplay. I can’t wait to play it. AND I can’t wait to have a PS4! I visited the Nintendo booth because, duh! Nintendo! I got a photo with Pikmin and some Pikmin swag. Observed some Pokemon x/y gameplay, saw the 2DS which doesn’t look as weird as I initially thought, played Sonic Lost World on both Wii U and 3DS(It looks great and is basically a revamped classic Sonic games ), and hung out in the Nintendo lounge getting streetpasses galore! I also visited the Microsoft booth, Wizards of the coast, Behemoth…I was everywhere. SO much that I missed all of my panels. >.<  But it was worth it. Other highlights include Strife( a new MOBA coming this fall/winter) which will get it’s on post on the blog, MTG in the tabletop gaming, and my new love for League of Legends. Yep.

*phew* Well, that was a lot of yapping and I was only there for a day! My fourth and shortest Pax was a win. Hoping to get to PaxEast in the spring! How was your extended weekend? Did you spend it at a con?




Gen Con is one of the largest gaming conventions in North America and it happens annually right  in my new city. It focuses on board/tabletop gaming rather than my usual video-gaming focused cons, but I still attended.  I was only at  Gencon on Sunday. One day out of the 4 day convention. Sunday is the last day and a lot of vendors pack up their booths, but a bonus is that their games are discounted. The Sunday badge was also discounted.  It’s sold as a family badge- One badge for the attendee and up to 3 complimentary badges for $30. The bf and I aren’t big on boardgames (I play Magic the Gathering pretty regularly, but he doesn’t play anything), but we couldn’t say no to a day of nerdtivities for $30!

I wore my brand new Pikmin hat that Alleycadabra custom made for me. Seemed like the perfect place to debut it. It got a lot of compliments on it. Isn’t it cute?

Firefly the boardgame

We arrived at Gencon around 1pm and just walked around for a couple hours. We usually jam-pack our con schedules with panels, activities, and a day dedicated to floor walking. But this was our first time at Gencon and we just wanted to see what it was about. There was a lot to see. Vendors selling all kinds of stuff. My favorite clothing vendor was Welovefine which coincidentally, I just found out about via NerdBurger. I’ve eyeing these Lumpy Space Princess leggings on the site and seeing them in person just solidified my decision to buy them. I was worried about them being cheaply made because they’re only $25, but they are legit! I am definitely going to grab a pair. We walked through the artists alley and “ooh’d” and “ahh’d” over lots of art. My favorite artist was Carloline Lebar. We talked to her awhile about her art. Her prints and paintings are beautiful. Have a look on her website – Carolina Lebar. Besides games for sell on the floor, there were also game demos. They were pretty full so we didn’t get a chance to demo anything, but I did jot down the names of a  couple of games I’m interested in, so that I can try  them out at the Game Paradise library. Firefly the board game particularly piqued my interest! I got the general gist of the game from watching some peeps play.  I also talked to a Firefly RPG vendor for a while. I’ve always been curious and interested in participating in a tabletop RPG styled game.  And this one was a Firefly focused one?! SOLD! Speaking of Firefly, I saw the cutest Firefly cosplay of all time.

Look at that little Wash. Just look at him! So adorable! I  decided that the bf and I will have to do a Zoe/Wash costume. I’ve always wanted to do it and he finally agreed! So, hopefully I can figure that out before PaxEast 2014. *crosses fingers*

Gencon was fun. I don’t think I could spend 4 days there, but  will definitely get a one day pass again next year. And next time I’ll sign up for some events and play a game to get the full Gencon experience. The ladies at PureGeekery have a great post about their time at the con.  Check it out.

Pax Prime

It’s almost time for PAXPrime! Pax, Penny Arcade Expo is a 3-4 day gaming convention brought to the public by the guys of Penny Arcade. Currently, there are 3 Pax events that happen worldwide. Pax Prime-in Seattle, in  the Fall, PaxEast-In Boston which occurs right before Spring, and PaxAus-in Melbourne, Australia which happens in the summer. I usually attend Prime or East or both! And I’m so happy that Prime is just around the corner. I can’t wait to see all of my Pax friends that I’ve met over the years, hopefully get a chance to play on next-gen consoles, tabletop game, and of course enjoy Seattle. Oh! And the parties! Pax parties are pretty great, y’all. I don’t have any parties set in stone yet, but I will be attending the Triwizard Drinking Tournament (TWDT) again this year. A Harry Potter themed pub crawl that happens the night before Pax begins. I’m happy to say I’ll be returning to house Hufflepuff!

I had such a blast last year and I’ve already started preparing my outfit for this years crawl. Theme- Hufflepuff preppy realness-Yellow dress, black ballet flats, black cardigan with Hufflepuff badge on the chest. Hair in a top bun secured with a Hufflepuff bow! I’m going to look darling. Which doesn’t matter at all because I’ll be completely smashed by the second bar. -_- The pub crawl isn’t just about drinking and making new friends. It’s also a fundraiser for Child’s play. Child’s Play, founded by the Penny Arcade guys,  improves the lives of sick children by donating toys and games to hospitals worldwide. The TWDT raises money by selling items house members have donated and flat out donations. I am donating some Hufflepuff themed bows. They cost me little to nothing to make and aren’t anything special, so l put a price tag of “Donate whatever!” on each of them.  All proceeds will go straight to Child’s Play! Hoping my house can donate enough money to Child’s Play to be number 1! We were #3 last year. Lets go Huffles!