As you know, the Dutch lost this Sunday. I’m really proud of them for making it to the final. You did good, boys! I got to watch the final game with my very own Dutchie, Arjan and a couple from roller derby.
We started off watching the game at a bar, but the atmosphere got a little tense when Arjan started yelling/screaming at the tv in Dutch. The other customers started getting a little pissy. Someone even played the jukebox to drown him out. Little did they know he can definitely out yell a jukebox ๐Ÿ™‚ After the first half, we were invited to my friend’s house. Definitely a good call. There was more room for Arjan to scream Dutch swear words and jump/run around the house! It was a sight to see.

Arjan is gone now, but I had such a lovely time while he was here. He stopped by for a few days as part of his “around the world” trip. He’s travelling the world for a year and lucky for us-blogging/taking fabulous photos along the way. Make sure you check out his blog- The Other Flying Dutchman. I can’t wait to read about his adventures. Especially, South America.

While he was here I go to do a lot of exploring/site seeing. We visited a small town in PA to see architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous Falling Water. The house was beautiful. It flowed and fit perfectly with it’s surroundings. Just as it was meant to.
(photo by Arjan)

While we were in the Pittsburgh area we walked around the strip district, met up with a friend of Arjan’s and had Primanti Brothers. I’ve been wanting to go to Primanti Brothers since I saw them featured on an episode of Man vs Food. Primanti bros is a sandwich shop that sells a variety of HUGE sandwich that include some awesome cole slaw and fries on the sandwich! I got a turkey and cheese and Arjan had some kinda of sausage deal.

He finished all of his and I almost made it. Almost! Definitely about 75% of it was devoured.

The next day was an outdoorsy day. We traveled to the southeast corner of West Virginia to visit Blackwater Falls Park. On the way there we randomly came across the smallest church in the U.S., Our Lady of Pines. It was adorable.

Once in the park, we did about 5 miles of hiking, explored some waterfalls and dangled our feet off of cliffs! Well, Arjan and I did. The bf is a bit afraid of heights.

I crossed something else off the list! #92-screaming fuck you to a few people off the top of a mountain. ๐Ÿ™‚

It felt good ๐Ÿ™‚



This arrived in the mail today from my dear friend Tony. 3 of my favorite Dutch treats! Hagelslag, pindakaas, and Chocolate letters. I was reallllllllly excited to get them and contemplated a way to eat them all at once. I thought about smearing pindakaas over a chocolate letter and sprinkling hagelslag on top of it and devouring it!

It was only a thought. I’m not going to do that. Instead I’ll eat it as slow as possible so it can last foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….or a couple of weeks ^_^


I promise everything on my “Typical Dutch Things” list won’t be food, but I was inspired by my lunch today for my next topic!


Hagelslag, prounounced….umm, I don’t think I can tell you how to pronounce it through a blog. It requires the dutch “hocking a loogy” sound and I’m not sure how to write that phonetically. Hagelslag is a typical Dutch sandwich topping similar to chocolate sprinkles! It’s really popular for kids on their breakfast sandwich, but there is ALWAYS hagelslag in my kitchen. I eat it all the time. I love the stuff. I even put it in my ice cream and sometimes when I come home a bit intoxicated I’ve been known to chug some before bed. (lol) Apparently, Dutch people eat about 14 million kilo ‘hagelslag’ per year on about 850 million slices of bread. I think I count for a lot of those bread slices >.<

To make a perfect hagelslag sandwich you-

1-butter a slice of bread
2-sprinkle a crap ton of hagelslag on it
3. You can then either it it like that or smoosh the hagelslag down into the bread, fold it,and EAT IT!

There is an art to it. When I first had it in August 2007, this is what my bread looked like
Just pathetic! There’s barely any hagelslag on it! Now, after almost 2 years, this is what my hagelslag sandwich looks like normally!

so much better ^_^

Hagelslag comes in all types of flavors. Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White chocolate, mmm! There are also different varieties of them. โ€˜Muisjesโ€™ (little mice) are a sort of hagelslag. They’re sprinkles with sugar and colored outer cover and equally as yummy. It’s Dutch tradition to eat “beschuit met muisjes”, a biscuit with muisjes, when a baby is born. Pink/white for a baby girl and blue/white for a baby boy.

I’ll be bringing a box or two home with me!

Stroopwafels? Yes, pls!

I was inspired by Daisy of the blog Australian Daisy (great blog about an American girl in Australia. Check it out!) to start a little series. She started one today called “Experience Australia-The Little Things” in which she highlights something very Australian. Well, I don’t have a name for mine, but I’m starting a similar series. I’ll be randomly blogging about…yep, you guessed it, very Dutch things! The first very Dutch and very yummy thing is *drumroll* Stroopwafels!
Mmmm! Just their name has my mouth watering. Stroopwafels are yummy thin dutch waffels filled with syrup. I know you’re thinking “meh…so, what?” So, what?! SO, WHAT?! A bite of a stroopwafel is a taste of heaven in your mouth. These things are amazing, but also addictive. You can’t just eat one. I dare you to try! Ask anyone. Actually, don’t ask a Dutch person. I don’t think the Dutch care for them as much as expats and tourists do. We adore them! Their addictive power is the very reason I have banned myself from buying them. When I first moved to the Netherlands I ate them with coffee, for dessert, with an afternoon tea. Basically, all the time! I was going through them like crazy. Now, I only buy them if a tourist is in town or to take back to friends/family in the states. You know what’s even tastier than a package of stroopwafels? A fresh warm GIANT stroopwafel! They’re sold at at random stalls around the city. Mostly at markets or the fair (kermis). If you come to The Netherlands, treat yourself to one….or twelve of them ๐Ÿ™‚


That’s Devynn showing off her warm stroopwafel at the Albert Cuyp Market. photo credit-Emily (I feel like I should give a photo credit since I jacked it off of emily’s facebook >.<)


Koninginnedag, or Queens day, is a Dutch holiday celebrating the Queen’s birthday. It’s celebrated yearly on April 29th or 30th which is not actually the present Queen’s birthday. It’s her mothers birthday, but she decided to keep the holiday on that day as a tribute to her mom. How sweet. ๐Ÿ˜› Queen’s Day is basically a big party. A big party where everyone in the Netherlands gets drunk and wears orange. Partying starts the previous night, Koninginnenacht. You party all night then wake up in the morning to attend the markets. My koninginnenacht was fun.queensnight My friends and I pre-partied until about 11 then went out to hit the town. We lasted long, surprisingly, after all the tequila I had. Got home around 5 and woke up around 9 to head to the market. Markets are basically little kids selling their old stuff or services. My dutch family, my hungover friends, and I walked to Vondelpark(the central park of Amsterdam) to attend the markets. There were people everywhere and kids selling ANYTHING! Some kids along with their friends learned dance routines and put out a coffee can for donations. Some had “hit me in the face with an egg” booths for a euro. Some sold really shitty stuff, like coloring they did in a coloring book. I almost got ripped off by this kid trying to sell me a hello kitty McDonald’s toy for 10 euro! Luckily, her mom was there to calm her and the price down to 50 euro cents. I also scored a European adapter for my gameboy for 5 euro (score!). marketAfter 2 hours of marketing(not even over my hangover by this point!)my friends and I were ready to join the rest of the country in partying. We walked around…at a very sloooooow pace. There were millions of people(or at least that’s what it seemed like) in the city. We walked to the Jordaan where a DJ was playing and drank/partied/danced there all day. kdagHalf way through the day my friends left to head home for a nap. I, being the trooper I am, stayed out to enjoy the day. I met up with some boys I met on Queens night (hehe!) and partied with them until I was tired. All in all, my first Koninginnedag was a blast! Can’t wait to do it again next year!

party boat
Party boat! the canals were full of these boats! And they were full of dancing drunk people!
*note to self* procure party boat or at least hook up with someone who has one

An older woman lived above the bar on the street we were partying on. Every now and then she would come out and dance a little or cheer. Someone from the crowd even bought a beer for her!

The entire city was orange!