It’s Wednesday. What’s up?!


League of Legends-I’m super late to this party, but I just started playing League of Legends. I’ve heard of it for years, even watched some of the North American championships last year, but for whatever reason avoided it. Until now! I met a lovely young lady randomly at a coffee shop who convinced me to try it and dudes…DUDES! I love it and am a League-aholic. I’ve logged an embarrssing amount of hours in just a little over a week. I’m not very good, but I am enjoying myself and improving. Anyone else play? Who are your favorite champions? Add me and help a noob out! (Username-Rawrrrayda)

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy -I love rythym games, so no surprise that I’m digging Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy music, tons of levels, and modes? Winning. Playing a couple of games before bed has been my nightly ritual for the last week. It was just announced that a sequel, Curtain Call, will be released in 2014.


Trillium From the first two issues, I would describe Trillium as a sci-fi, romance. It reminds me of Saga. The art, by artist Jeff Lemire of Sweet Tooth is beautiful and the story is engaging. I’m already sad it’s only 10 issues. 😦


Orphan Black I didn’t find out about this show until the season was already over. Which was a good thing. I got to binge watch it every episode over one weekend! Great show about…well, I can’t really tell you what it’s about without spoiling a little bit of it. Just watch this trailer!

I’m in awe of Tatiana Maslany’s acting. She plays 7 distinct characters in season one! Can’t wait for season 2.


This song always pumps me up and puts me in a great mood.


I always get hair envy when I see the lovely colored locks of Glitzy Geeky Girl and Nerdburger. Bright pinks, blues, and purples, oh my! On a trip to the beauty supply store, what did I spy with my little eye? Clip in extensions of all colors! I bought the purple ones and I love them! I love the fact that i can just snap them in when I go out and take them out just as easy when I go to work. What do you think? I’m already planning on getting the hot pink ones as well! :3



steel city con

I am no longer a con-virgin. Me and boyface braved the snowy roads to attend the Steel City Con yesterday. I had a blast! It was just like I imagined-toys, collectibles, comics, and nerds. I spent a lot of time staring at 80s toys. I saw a lot of toys that I had when I was a kid-cabbage patch dolls, Legos, He-man dolls, Skeletor dolls, Ninja turtles! And a shit-ton of barbies!

And of course a ton of comics. I didn’t buy any comics because the ones I wanted were all in single issues and I prefer to buy them in collections, also known as Trade Paperbacks. Saw some “famous” people. Bo Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard was there and some WWE girls. And Darth Vader was there, a few storm troopers were walking around, the joker and Harley Quinn, and randomly, some pirates. *shrug*

Oh yah! Boyface and I got a caricature made. It’s of us as Link and Zelda

Glad I got to go. And hopefully there will be more in the future. I reaaaally want to go to THE con. Comic-con, San-Diego, but tickets have been sold out forever. *sigh*

valentine’s schmalentine’s

So, i bought a new graphic novel today.
I like it a lot. it’s a collection of autobiographical webcomic’s from a woman named Jennie Breedie. It’s cool, the characters are sassy. It’s kind of what I imagine my webcomic to be like…you know, if I was creative enough to do something like that. If you’re interested check it out online right here!

Tomorrow is Valetine’s Day. Not really a big deal for me. I never really liked the holiday and no! It’s not because i’m bitter. in fact, I have a someone special at the moment. I just don’t see the point of buying crap for someone just because it’s february 14th, ya know? that doesn’t mean I’m not going to be sucked into all the hype! I’m sure I’ll be getting something from the someone special and I’m totally going to give him something. I’m completely broke. So, his “gift” will be cheap or free. His room is a mess (partly, my doing)! Maybe I’ll clean it up for him and do his laundry? And maybe frame an awesome picture of us? I think that will work.