This arrived in the mail today from my dear friend Tony. 3 of my favorite Dutch treats! Hagelslag, pindakaas, and Chocolate letters. I was reallllllllly excited to get them and contemplated a way to eat them all at once. I thought about smearing pindakaas over a chocolate letter and sprinkling hagelslag on top of it and devouring it!

It was only a thought. I’m not going to do that. Instead I’ll eat it as slow as possible so it can last foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….or a couple of weeks ^_^

Chocolate Letters!

Around this time of year seasonal dutch treats start popping up in the supermarket or in outside stands.

Chocolate letters are in almost every store.They come in dark chocolate, white chocolate, and my favorite, milk chocolate. I had my first of the season this past week! An S of course. I’ll probably consume the rest of my name before the season is over. >.< While looking around for the origin of the chocolate letter tradition, I found some interesting facts!

*Only the Dutch have chocolate letters and they consume many million a year.
*They’re only sold between October and December 5th
*after the season is over they dont sell them for a discounted price, they send them back to the factory to be melted and used for other candy!
*The best selling letters are M and S. O and V are the least popular