Sew good! 

Merry Christmas!This holiday was a quiet one for me. And I couldn’t have been more happy. My mom and I made Christmas dinner and just stayed home. No visitors and we didn’t have any obligations to go anywhere. It was a nice and welcome change from the normal hustling and bustling around in an attempt to see everyone and their cousin and their kids and…you get the picture. 
I received some really cool gifts, but my most favorite is my new sewing machine! 


I’ve been wanting a sewing machine  for awhile and was so ecstatic when I opened it! I bought some fabric and immediately dove into learning all about my machine and stitches. My go-to guide for all things has been Tilly and the Buttons. Her blog has a beginner’s sewing section that has been so great at teaching me the basics. 

I’ve already completed my first project. The Brigitte scarf, one of Tilly’s beginner patterns. 

It was pretty simple and turned out super cute! 
I ordered her book, Love at First Stitch, and can’t wait to get it and create some more. 
Are you a seamstress? Have any recommended beginner patterns? Or books/ blogs that can help a beginner? Let me know!! 


*peeps in*
Hello? Anyone out there?
It’s been a year since I regularly blogged around here. A year end roundup is the perfect way to catch Heart, Soph up on my going-ons.

2015 has been a great year for me. I washed my hands of  toxic “friends” , made new friends,  traveled-(L.A. And London), got a new(used) car, started working at a great school, Hearts and Hearts Vintage participated in two pop up shops, and I *finally* learned to swim!



You were alright, 2015! Here’s to an even better 2016!

London, 2015

Every year I take a solo trip to celebrate my birthday. Last year I went to Barcelona and this year I flew to London. I spent a week there and it was definitely not enough time to experience the city, but I did as much as I could. I went to some museums, toured some palaces, went on one of those double decker bus tours (very informative!), ate fish and chips (AND NANDOS!), cream tea at The Dorchester, and managed to fit in a game of Magic the Gathering at a Friday Night Magic. And of course a very enchanting visit to  the Harry Potter Studios Tour!

I’m usually more wordy on a travel post, but it’s been 5 months and my memory is a bit rusty. So, here are some photos.

Fell in love with a…dress?

This dress. This vintage 70s knit dress has been in my closet for about a year. I bought it for Hearts and Hearts Vintage, but when I measured it and saw that the measurements were my measurements? Well, I had to try it on. And it was perfect! I immediately deactivated it from my shop and hung it in my personal closet. And that is exactly where it remained for the next year.  A couple of weeks ago, as I was organizing and preparing for a pop-up shop, I decided to re-list the dress. It has  been hanging there for a year and a beauty like this doesn’t deserve that. IT NEEDS TO BE WORN. And worn it will be. It  sold yesterday and I wasn’t prepared for the emotions that came with selling it. I mean, I’ve sold over 300 dresses and sent them off without a care in the world,  but this dress? When I got the notification that it had been purchased I seriously got teary eyed. I cried. Over a dress.  A fantastic dress, but still a dress. It took me the rest of the evening (and trying it on and taking selfies) to get over it, but I did.

My emotions still surprise me.

Currently Loving

I’m linking up with Crystal of The Happy Type for Currently Loving! A link up sharing things I’m digging! On with the links!

Beyonce’s video for 7/11 is my shit. How fun is this video?! I love the song and I want to be IN the video!


Evernote- I recently started using Evernote and I am in love. It’s my digital notebook and I’ve used it for lists, blog posts,organizing listings for Etsy, saving photos…everything. I love that I can access it from everywhere. I have the app just installed on my tablet, phone, and computer. It’s so handy.


I came across Reign while scrolling through Netflix. I had never heard of it, but was immediately drawn to  it. It’s loosely based on the life of a young Mary of Scots and her time at French court. I am a sucker for period dramas and though Reign is super cheesy and very loosely based on actual history, I can’t get enough.


I always love happy customers. But I’m especially loving how blogger, Julie of Yours Truly, Julie, styled her vintage skirt that she purchased from Hearts and Hearts! Head over and see how she’s adjusting her wardrobe for her upcoming move to Morocco!

What are you loving this week?! Join the link up or just leave a comment.

Reddit Gifts!

I love getting happy mail. If I hear about a postcard, letter, or some sort of gift exchange?  I’m in. I’ve been participating in Reddit Gifts exchanges for about 4 years now. Reddit Gifts is an online gift exchange that started out as a Secret Santa exchange between Redditors, but now hosts TONS of themed exchanges throughout the year. This year I’ve participated in a Harry Potter gift exchange, stickers exchange, “Decorate my cubicle” exchange and yea…some more, but I’m not going to bore you with the list. I recently participated in a postcard exchange and a Presents for Pets exchange. I have to share these gifts because they were so very thoughtful and brightened my day.


In my likes/dislikes for the postcard exchange I wrote “I like lots of things, but I’m leaving my postcard choice up to you!” I was pleasantly surprised when I saw my postcard. My match did a fantastic job of snooping and gifted me this Sailor Moon themed postcard. Perfect, right?



My match for the pet gift exchange had such a big heart. She gifted Piper with a box full of awesome and Piper loved every single gift.  There were bags of treats, two toys, a bat costume for Halloween and a little jacket for the winter. She also included a little scarf for me, which I thought was super sweet.




Here’s little Piper in her new jacket chilling on the couch after running around the house playing with her new toys!photo



Are you a big fan of receiving happy mail too? Sign up for a Reddit gift exchange, or a pen pal at International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club (IGGPPC), or you can drop me a line! I’m always up for snail mail friends.