Friday Faves

Fancy Dress Trekkies– I’ve had this print in my Etsy favorites for awhile and finally bought it! I love it since it features The Next Generation, my favorite Star Trek series, and two of my favorite characters, Data and Geordi La Forge! It’s always been a wish of mine to dress as a genderbent version of La Forge and I think this will be my inspiration. I love the Gorgonist’s “fancy dress” takes on all of our favorite nerdy characters. Aren’t they great?!

Cute little Puppycat earrings from BunnieBunsShop!

This button featuring lyrics from Bikini Kill’s “Bloody Ice Cream” belongs on one of my jackets. All things Kathleen Hanna remind me of the feminist organization I was a part of in college. We listened to Bikini Kill obsessively and loved singing those lyrics at the top of our lungs! Find this button and more jewelry at ModernGirlBlitz shop owned by the lovely Midge.

Ever since re-sparking my love for letter writing,  I’ve been obsessed with stationary, washi tape, and stamps. Talk to the Sun is heaven for rubber stamp lovers. So many designs! This heart washi tape stamp is my fave.


Photographer creates unique family portraits by asking strangers to touch.

Flawless remix by Beyonce’ ft. Nicki Minaj dropped this week and surprised the internet. Spoiler alert-IT’S GREAT!

And this gif


Because we are Groot.