Were you one of the lucky ones to attend San Diego Comic Con? I’m jealous! I’d love to attend some day. While you were there enjoying the nerdtivities, I was enjoying following along at home through your tweets, Instagram photos and panels that were either streamed or uploaded. I watched a couple of panels( Game of Thrones panel, the Orphan Black panel) and I’m currently making my way through the Nerd HQ “Conversations for a Cause”. There are so many great ones-The Walking Dead, Orphan Black, Badass Women, Nathan Fillion…check the list out.

Besides panels, we got some great news from SDCC. Here are my favorite trailers to come out of SDCC 2014!






I can’t wait for all the goodness coming out in the next year. I read that a 10-15 minute snippet of ‘iZombie’, a comic book turned TV series, was shown and was very well received . I’m happy to hear it because I really enjoyed the comic. What trailers or news from SDCC made you squee!? Let me know!




I’m just gonna leave this here. *swoon*