Wizard World Comic Con Philadelphia

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I just got back from a last minute trip to Philadelphia for Wizard World Comic Con Philadelphia with my boyfriend and two other friends. We had a great time exploring Philly, eating, drinking, and nerding out at the con. I saw so much great cosplay. My favorites were the lovely lady dressed as Dee from Rat Queens and Gossamer from Looney Tunes. You know the one! The orangey-red monster with the hair! It was such a creative costume that made me smile every single time I ran into him at the convention. Seeing all of the costumes totally inspired me  to actually complete one for myself. Now to narrow it down to one character.

Real World-Foo Foo Island

I am obsessed with Nintendo’s new game Tomodachi Life. I can already tell it won’t have the long term playability that Animal Crossing has for me, but for now, I’m hooked! Tomodachi Life is a  simulation game that takes place on an island inhabited by Miis that you import or create. The Miis on Foo Foo Island, my island, are all based on my real life friends and family, a couple of online friends I imported via their QR codes, and that handsome bastard Jon Snow.  You assign the Miis personalities that match up with their real life counterparts. And boy, it is so eerie how similar the Miis are to their real life look-a-likes.  There is so much drama! My boyfriend is flirting with my sister, I’m married to one of my friends, Jon Snow and I are always fighting! It’s like a season of The Real World.

*insert daydream sequence music*

This is the true story of  9 strangers picked to live in Mii apartments

On Foo Foo Island
On Foo Foo Island

Work together (in grocery and retail stores)  
Work together (in grocery and retail stores)

and have their lives photographed by the 3DS camera.

To find out what happens what happens when people stop being polite...
To find out what happens what happens when people stop being polite…

And start getting real.