Moon, Tiara, Magic!

I’m sure you Moonies out there have all heard the news that the new Sailor Moon series is getting postponed…AGAIN! The new series will now be debuting in July. I’ve waited a long time for new Sailor Moon anything so I can wait a few more months. Since the new series will not be a remake of the anime, but a new adaptation of the original manga, it is taking quite some time to complete. It’s going to be interesting to see what direction they’re going to take the series in and what they’ll change. In the meantime, I will wait patiently, re-watch the original series and collect ALL THE MERCH! Seriously…there’s so much Sailor Moon merch right now. I love it! 

And for this upcoming Valentine’s Day. Fan made Sailor Moon themed Valentine’s Day cards. Cute, right?!


(Valentine’s from Sailor Moon Couture)


4 thoughts on “Moon, Tiara, Magic!

  1. OMG!!! I remember when there were Sailor Moon Valentines in the store.

    And I can’t WAIT (though I have to anyway) for the reboot! I am stoked they’re doing the manga! FINALLY Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion!

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