Friday Five

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics edition!

I love the Olympics and always tune in to watch whether summer or winter. If you follow me on twitter, you’ll probably see a bunch of Olympic themed tweets for the next couple of weeks. The opening ceremony took place today. The main event took us on a brief tour of the history, music, and culture of Russia. I loved it! Flaws and all. Especially the fifth olympic ring fail! The fifth unopened Olympic ring spawned some hilarious pics and tweets.

(from Mashable)

Anywho, enough about those rings. Here are my five favorite opening ceremony looks from the parade of nations!

 Germany’s rainbow colored outfits. Political statement or not, these outfits are fun!

USA’s sweaters got a lot of hate on Twitter, but I love them. I’d wear it.

France! Looking all…Francey in this simple but stylish outfit


How cute are Canada’s red toggle jackets!?

Lithuania with their bright shades of green! This was my favorite look of all.

Did you tune in to the opening ceremony? Which country had your favorite or least favorite look?

New comic book day!

Today’s an exciting Wednesday in comics! My pull list includes the debut of two new comics I’ve been looking forward to. 

Ms Marvel

The new Ms. Marvel is Kamala Khan- a 16 year old, Pakistani-American, Muslim, superhero.  When I first heard about the comic, I was immediately intrigued. After reading the short preview on Wired, I was sold. I’m not familiar with any of the other Ms. Marvel’s so this will be my first introduction to Ms. Marvel anything. I’m curious as to how much her faith and culture will play into the series. Regardless, I can’t wait to pick this up this afternoon.

Alone Forever:The Singles Collection

I’m a Lizbian! A fan of Liz Prince’s books and webcomics. Today her newest book, Alone Forever: The Singles Collection is on shelves! Alone Forever is a compendium of all the Alone Forever strips from her website. The Alone Forever strips chronicle her single days which are hilarious, awkward, and some just make me want to give her a hug. (Here’s one of my favorites!) The collection also includes some brand new material! Interested? I know you are! Find a copy at your local comic book store or buy the digital or physical version from Top Shelf Comix.

I’ll also be picking up the latest issue of Trillium and the second volume of Hawkeye. I started reading Hawkeye last month after hearing so many great things  about it. I’m enjoying it. It definitely lives up to the hype. Are you digging it too? What are you picking up this week? What’s on your pull list?

Moon, Tiara, Magic!

I’m sure you Moonies out there have all heard the news that the new Sailor Moon series is getting postponed…AGAIN! The new series will now be debuting in July. I’ve waited a long time for new Sailor Moon anything so I can wait a few more months. Since the new series will not be a remake of the anime, but a new adaptation of the original manga, it is taking quite some time to complete. It’s going to be interesting to see what direction they’re going to take the series in and what they’ll change. In the meantime, I will wait patiently, re-watch the original series and collect ALL THE MERCH! Seriously…there’s so much Sailor Moon merch right now. I love it! 

And for this upcoming Valentine’s Day. Fan made Sailor Moon themed Valentine’s Day cards. Cute, right?!


(Valentine’s from Sailor Moon Couture)