Friday Five

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics edition!

I love the Olympics and always tune in to watch whether summer or winter. If you follow me on twitter, you’ll probably see a bunch of Olympic themed tweets for the next couple of weeks. The opening ceremony took place today. The main event took us on a brief tour of the history, music, and culture of Russia. I loved it! Flaws and all. Especially the fifth olympic ring fail! The fifth unopened Olympic ring spawned some hilarious pics and tweets.

(from Mashable)

Anywho, enough about those rings. Here are my five favorite opening ceremony looks from the parade of nations!

 Germany’s rainbow colored outfits. Political statement or not, these outfits are fun!

USA’s sweaters got a lot of hate on Twitter, but I love them. I’d wear it.

France! Looking all…Francey in this simple but stylish outfit


How cute are Canada’s red toggle jackets!?

Lithuania with their bright shades of green! This was my favorite look of all.

Did you tune in to the opening ceremony? Which country had your favorite or least favorite look?