I’ve mentioned her quite a bit, but I  don’t think you’ve been properly introduced to my little dog. This is Piper.

A 7lb chihuahua mix. Mixed with what? No idea! I’ve heard everything from dachshund, miniature pinscher, to a rat terrier and even a Bernese Mountain Dog(from the coloring only). I adopted Piper in April 2012 when she was 6 months old. My miniature dachshund, Peanut, died 4 months before that. I was heartbroken and thought I would never own another dog again. I missed Peanut so much and just having a dog around in general. After awhile, I decided to foster dogs for my local shelter. I had nothing but  great experiences and really enjoyed having a little buddy (sometimes two!) around. After playing mommy to a handful of dogs for a couple of months, I started to have a change of heart. Maybe I could get another dog. My boyfriend agreed and we put the word out that we were interested in another dog. Our friends came forth with leads and luckily, one of them told us about Piper. Her owner could no longer keep her and she needed a new home. We met Piper and were sold. I mean, how could we not be after seeing that cute wittle face!?

Ok, Ok. Cuteness aside, she’s great. A little too protective of me, a bit anxious, playful, and smart. We love her and I’m glad we decided to allow another dog into our hearts.

5 thoughts on “Piper

  1. She’s adorable! I hate to think of Penny not being here one day. When you own a dog, they become part of your family. Part of your life. So it’s hard to say goodbye. Fostering animals is fantastic. We’re lucky enough to live somewhere we’re they don’t allow kill shelters but I wish more people were able to foster a dog until they had a permanent home.
    I think there is a test the vet can do, to determine what she is but since she’s just there to be loved on, what does it matter what breed she is! xx

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