Snow Day!!!

If you haven’t heard, the midwest is covered in snow and experiencing super cold temperatures. Here in Indianapolis we got about 11 inches of snow and the high today is -8F!  I was supposed to go back to work today, but my school is closed!

I was stalking the news sites last night just waiting for my school to pop up. It was one of the last ones to close, but it did! So, what am I doing with my off day?! I planned on sleeping in and watching a lot of TV, but I woke up stressed out. The bf and I are moving in 3 weeks and we haven’t started packing anything! We’re downsizing from a 3 bedroom house to a 1 bedroom apartment. BIG change! So my plan for today is to go through my closet and separate clothes into three piles- 1)currently wear, 2)out of season, and 3)’Why is this even in my closet?!’. Out of season clothes are getting packed away and the “why is this even in my closet?!” bag is going to Goodwill. If I finish that I’ll probably start packing books and toys. *sigh* This is going to be fun! -_-

Oh and I HAVE to do my hair tonight. I took my extensions out two nights ago with the plan to give myself Marley twists. I haven’t even started yet and it’s a 6-8 hour task. What should I marathon while I’m twisting my hair? I’m definitely going to get a couple of Arrow episodes in. Any other suggestions? I have Netflix, HBO go, ALL THE SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES…so suggest something for me! ^_^


Did you get a snow day? What are you going to spend it doing?


6 thoughts on “Snow Day!!!

    1. Oh my goodness! That’s a lot of snow. I loved Orange is The New Black! I decided to catch up on Sherlock(I’m up to date!) and re-watch some episodes of Girls!

      1. Totally over-hyped, but it’s still a good show. if you decide to check it out and let me know what you think!

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