Friday Five

5 Things I’m drooling over

1. ‘Red, White, and Cute’ dress from Modcloth I’ve been eyeing this dress for awhile. I should just bite the bullet and buy it.

2. BFF personalized friendship art print set -I came across this looking for a present for one of my BFFs who lives on the other side of the world. I think this would be the perfect gift!

3. “Annie” art print by Jes Lesemann– I’ve always loved this print created by one of my IGGPPC pen pals, Jes.

4. Hearts cardigan– CUUUUTE!

5. Sailor Moon inspired Star Locket I have a crescent moon wand necklace by KumaCrafts, but one can never have too many Sailor Moon inspired jewelry. This one is made by GlitterbombUK.



I’ve mentioned her quite a bit, but I ¬†don’t think you’ve been properly introduced to my little dog. This is Piper.

A 7lb chihuahua mix. Mixed with what? No idea! I’ve heard everything from dachshund, miniature pinscher, to a rat terrier and even a Bernese Mountain Dog(from the coloring only). I adopted Piper in April 2012 when she was 6 months old. My miniature dachshund, Peanut, died 4 months before that. I was heartbroken and thought I would never own another dog again. I missed Peanut so much and just having a dog around in general. After awhile, I decided to foster dogs for my local shelter. I had nothing but ¬†great experiences and really enjoyed having a little buddy (sometimes two!) around. After playing mommy to a handful of dogs for a couple of months, I started to have a change of heart. Maybe I could get another dog. My boyfriend agreed and we put the word out that we were interested in another dog. Our friends came forth with leads and luckily, one of them told us about Piper. Her owner could no longer keep her and she needed a new home. We met Piper and were sold. I mean, how could we not be after seeing that cute wittle face!?

Ok, Ok. Cuteness aside, she’s great. A little too protective of me, a bit anxious, playful, and smart. We love her and I’m glad we decided to allow another dog into our hearts.

Friday Five

5 things you should check out on Netflix


The Inbetweeners

This rib-tickling series follows English lad Will McKenzie and his best mates, Neil Sutherland, Jay Cartwright and Simon Cooper, as they try — and fail spectacularly — to navigate the wretched no-man’s land known as adolescence.

Oh, my goodness. If you haven’t seen this show, close this window and go watch it now. Seriously! It’s an oldie, but a goodie. It’s one of my go-to series when I need a laugh. I quote this show at least twice weekly. The characters are all unique and hilarious in their own way. Bonus-English slang! It gets me every time.


Bronies:The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony

Spotlighting a small but singular pop cult, this documentary looks at the adult devotees of the animated show “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.” For the self-described Bronies, their shared obsession rewards them with friendship and fun.

I love having a look inside any fandom, especially ones that I’m not a part of. The Bronies documentary allows you to see a little bit of the world of Bronies- their conventions, their creations, and their community.


Take This Waltz

Filmed in Toronto, this intimate, unflashy romantic drama portrays a happily married woman who experiences a sudden and strong desire for another man. Further complicating the situation, the object of her desire resides just across the street.

This movie pulled at so many emotional strings for me. At one point I hated the female lead, then felt sorry for her, and at one point I even sided with her. My emotions were ALL over the place. Great movie that’s not your typical romantic film.


Aziz Ansari’s Buried Alive

Standup comedian Aziz Ansari (“Parks and Recreation”) headlines his third standup special, where he shares his uniquely hilarious perspective on fears of adulthood, babies, marriage, and more. Ansari’s look at life on the cusp of 30 years old is smart, unfiltered, and hysterical.

Aziz Ansari is hilarious as an actor and comedian. All of his standup specials are great and this one is the best. I have watched it twice and laugh out loud so much while watching it.


Safety Not Guaranteed

A team of journalists are dispatched to find out who’s behind a classified advertisement seeking a companion for time travel, with payment on return. After tracking down their oddball prey, the team has to decide how best to approach their subject.

I loved this movie and not just because it has Aubrey Plaza. It’s got a great cast, romance, adventure, comedy and is just an all around good, quirky, feel good movie!

Have you seen any of these? What did you think? if you decide to watch any of them, let me know what you think! Happy Friday!

**This Friday Five is inspired by 5 snow days. Yep, 5 days off work in addition to the 2 weeks of winter break, I just had.**