September’s Games with Gold

Xbox Live users, I hope you’ve been taking advantage of Games with Gold. A promotion Xbox started a couple of months ago where they offer two free games a month. One on the 1st of the month and the second on the 16th. They’re usually older games, but they’re free! Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas will be released on September 16th and the current free game is one of my most played games. Actually, I’ll go ahead and say it’s my most played game on Xbox.

Magic the Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 (wow, that’s a lot…I’ll refer to it as Magic2013 for the rest of the post) is a fantastic series. Magic 2013 is the third iteration of the series. I’ve played each of them and each release is better than the last. If you have no experience with Magic the Gathering or you’re an MtG noob, don’t fret! This is for you too! Magic 2013 has a great tutorial option and playing through the campaign itself does a pretty good job of teaching the basics of the game.

The basic campaign has you dueling against various opponents of increasing difficulty. With each win you unlock new cards and decks which can be used throughout the rest of the game and multiplayer mode. Besides the normal campaign, there are 3 more modes which you can play.

Revenge campaign -Take revenge on the Planeswalkers! This mode is basically the normal campaign just buffed up and more difficult. Play this for the challenge and to unlock more cards and decks.

Planechase-This mode is super fun! Sometimes the decks can be a bit unbalanced in multiplayer (I’m looking at you Goblin deck!). The sheer randomness of this mode helps make multiplayer games a bit more fair if you find yourself against someone with one of the those harder to beat decks. Planechase is a normal Magic game with a die and a stack of giant cards in the middle of the playing field. These giant cards are different planes of magic. On each player’s turn they play their turn as normal and can then opt to roll the die. Depending on what it lands on, players will either move to the next plane or activate the special ability written on the current plane. The special abilities are completely random. Like…all creatures have deathtouch or bring all  creatures from the graveyard to the playing field. Ok, I’m not entirely sure if those are actual special actions (I haven’t played since the new one was released>.<) , but similar to those. Seriously. A new plane can be a game changer. Which is part of why I love it so much. you never know what’s going to happen.

Challenges-Pretty self-explanatory. These are challenges. Such as “it’s your opponent’s turn and he’s intent to beat down your last few points of line. Can you survive the assault and win on your next turn?” FUN!

Download this game. It’s free if you get it before September 16th, a lot of fun, much cheaper than playing actual Magic the Gathering in your local game store and you don’t have to wear pants*. If you wanna play with me(teams!) or dare to challenge me, leave your gamertag! But you should be afraid. For I am Nicol Bolas…SEE?


*I still play Magic the Gathering in gaming stores.  Nothing beats that! Not even pants-less Xbox Magic.   🙂

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