New Girl

When I found out Netflix added  season one of New Girl to it’s instant queue, I was stoked.  I was super excited to curl up in my slanket and binge watch an entire season of a show I’ve never managed to catch. And that’s exactly what I did over the course of 3 days(What?! I’m unemployed, I don’t have anything else to do!).  I’ve always been a fan of Zooey Deschanel’s personal style so it was no surprise that I fell in love with her character, Jess’, similar style. Here are my 3 faaaaaavorite outfits from season 1!

These multi-colored circle print high-waisted shorts were love at first sight! Look at them! LOOK AT THEM!!!


This dress is so cute. I love the color and print. It’s absolutely adorable paired with that blue cardigan and matching heels.


Black/white striped sweater dress is my favorite of all. I’ve been really big into stripes lately and this dress did it perfectly.

Do you love Jess Day’s style as much as I do? There are a handful of blogs that find Jess-inspired outfits and tell you exactly where to get them from! Check out Dress Like New Girl and What Would Zooey Deschanel Wear.

Oh, and add New Girl to your Netflix queue already! It’s great!

4 thoughts on “New Girl

  1. I saw this show come up on Netflix and was excited as well! Back when it first premiered, I watched the first 5 or so episodes but ended up stopping… so I definitely want to take the time to catch up again. I think her style is pretty cute! 🙂

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