the new 52, books, and linkies from an ex-pinkie

Yesterday, DC released it’s first comic in the new 52 series, Justice League #1. The new 52 is DC’s reboot of 52 of their titles. 52 comics will all go back to number one. If you’ve never read comics and wanted to get into them, now is the perfect time. No need to feel overwhelmed about catching up. Just start at the beginning with everyone else. Out of the 52 comics getting the reboot, I’m most excited about Justice League, Justice League Dark, Batman, Batman:Dark Knight, and Wonder Woman. I’m also going to try comics I’m not familiar with every now and then. Things like I, Vampire and Nightwing. Notice I didn’t have any Green Lantern titles. I got my fill of Lantern when I read Blackest Night and Brightest Day. This is going to be a pricey collection. I’m getting the number 1’s in print and the rest I’m going to get digitally.I actually prefer actual comics, but I rarely re-read them and I just have a bunch of issues everywhere! Trying to cut down on clutter. If Justice League #1 is any indication of what’s to come, we are in for a treat! I loved it and can’t wait for the next issue.

I’ve been reading so much since I got my Kindle. I finished “Lost at the Con” by Bryan Young last week. I saw Michelle’s review of it and I just had to read it. Described as “a quick, summer read involving drunks and nerds, this is a must”, I knew it was just for me. And it was. I found myself laughing out loud a couple of times during the book.

I’m currently reading Slaughter House Five- I’ve been wanting to read this book for years, but never got around to it. Finally, started reading it this weekend. Only to be captivated by another book, The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making (Fairyland, #1). I’m sorry Slaughterhouse Five. I’ll come back to you, I promise. But for now I’m lost in Fairyland.

When this blog was located at , I had an every now and then feature called “A linkie from Pinkie“. I’m not Pinkie anymore, but I do want to share linkies with you!

JIM AND SEAN’S PODCAST OF FUN– My friend’s Jim and Sean’s new podcast. I t hink it’s pretty funny, maybe you will too.

Soph Learns To Cook– Ok, this is self promotion. My cooking blog. Check out the white bean hash I made this weekend!

Awkward Black Girl– This is a great web series about an awkward black girl. It’s hilarious. I’ve watched the series about 4 times and I quote it like once a day. Watch it. Even if you’re not an awkward black girl, I’m sure you can relate!


7 thoughts on “the new 52, books, and linkies from an ex-pinkie

  1. awww thanks for the mention 🙂 glad you enjoyed the book!

    i’ve been debating the new 52. partly cause i don’t know what i want to get, but mostly because i’m on a spending freeze. i still haven’t picked up issues of comics i’ve been reading *sigh* one day soon

    i’ll definitely check out the links. not that i need more reasons to procrastinate on the interwebs 😉

  2. I bet you love that Kindle! I’ve thought about getting one but I know I won’t be able to let go of my desire to hold a REAL book! Of course, if I had a Kindle I wouldn’t have to worry about shipping all these books! 😦 xx

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