You know those new Sally Hansen Salon nail polish strips? I tried them out this weekend. They’re pretty neat and are supposed to last up to ten days. You place a strip on your nail, smooth it out, cut the excess and tada! Your nails are done! I wish it was that simple. I had a hard time centering the strip and an even harder time getting it to stick to my nail. By the 8th nail, I became a pro. So, I have 2 really good looking nails and 8 meh ones.

The problems I had with it, the design (blegh!) and being a noob at applying it, were all my fault. So, I’m going to try it again. I’m sure now that I know what I’m doing, they’ll turn out better.

Classes started yesterday. So far, so good. Minus the annoying know it all in one of my classes today. I thought I’d feel like a grandma, going back to school at 28. I thought most of my classmates would be fresh out of high school going into radiology, but nah. Most are doing a career change and are my age or older. I may start looking for a very part time job. Nannying or waiting tables seem to be my best bet since they’re flexible. I need flexibility with roller derby. So many events, practice, and eventually bouts to work around. And school.

I’m exploring my “new” neighborhood. I only lived in this area for about 10 months total in my life. And when I did live here I always ventured to midtown to do all of my shopping, entertainment, and eating. Not anymore! I realize there’s a lot more to the Bartlett/Raleigh area than I thought. Yesterday, after a walk at a park nearby, I stopped at Yolo Frozen Yogurt, (YoLo FroYo). Yolo is a local frozen yogurt and Italian gelato shop. It’s not your regular yogurt shop. You get to prepare your own yogurt! First you pick your yogurt. There’s a wall of about 10 different yogurt flavors. I got birthday cake and my sister chose tropical sorbet.

Then it’s my favorite part. Picking out toppings! They had a ton of toppings to choose from. Including fresh fruit and candy/cookies from local businesses.

so much to choose from!

I had a sweet tooth so I went for Reeses Pieces, some brownie pieces, and chopped peanuts to top it off. My sister stuck with fruity stuff. I have yet to try their gelato, but I’m sure I will. I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse that it’s less than a mile from my house. ^_^ If you live in Memphis or ever find yourself in Memphis, take a visit to one of the any Yolo Froyo locations.


made it

I made it! I’m in Memphis. The drive down wasn’t so bad. It’s a 12 hour trip and we made it in 12 hours. Which was good time considering we stopped about 6 times. I like to stop during road trips. If I see a sign that says Scenic Overlook, you better believe I’m pulling over. If I see a sign for some sort of shop or winery I’ll pull over for that too! On the way down we stopped at the New River Gorge Bridge. A huge steel arch bridge in the southern part of West Virginia. It’s the 3rd longest in the world! Every year in October the West Virginia hosts Bridge Day. 80,000+ spectators attend and BASE jumpers come from all over the world come to jump off the bridge. CRAZY!!! I would never do that, but I do want to do the Bridge Walk. A 1.5 mile walk along the catwalk (850 ft above the river) of the bridge.

New River Gorge Bridge by me


We also stopped at Tamarack. A huge,interestingly,shaped building in Beckley, WV that sells handmade crafts, arts, and WV wines and other cuisines. We just walked around checking out the place and picked up two bottles of West Virginia wine – dandelion and blackberry.

I wanted those Raggedy Ann/Andy dolls, but couldn’t justify it for $35 a piece!

The bf spent a couple of days here with me and then left. 😦 I miss him like crazy, but I’m settling into life back in Memphis just fine. I had my first roller derby practice with my new league on Monday. It was an intense practice! I can already tell I’m going to be a much better skater, skating with this league. In my former league, me and a few of the other girls were the longest skaters of the team. Now I’m surrounded by ladies that have been playing 4 times as long as I have. I’m excited to learn from them. I’m a part of the league, but I’m not officially a part of a team yet. They have a draft day in September. When that day comes, the three teams will bid on me and I’ll be a part of  one of the home teams… hopefully!

Classes start on Monday.  But until then I have a lot of free time. Which means lot of quality time with my Kindle! I’ve been sort of a book nerd lately. :/