warming up for last week’s bout

*I had a roller derby bout last weekend. My team lost, but we expected it. We were playing a team we had no business playing. A team who’s been around a lot longer than we have and a team who have more experience. Still, it was a good game. We played better than I thought we would. And I am proud of us. Each bout, win or lose, teaches us something.

*My friend Sherisa at L’elephant Rose is hosting The Great Postcard Swap! I love postcards, so you already know I’m participating. My refrigerator is plastered with them and I have a cigar box full of them. I can’t wait to get more. Join me? Information can be found here.

*I posted a password protected entry about some big changes I’m making in my life. DM me on twitter, leave a comment with your email address, or contact me for the password.

*Work sucks

*Put kinky twists back in my hair last week

*New favorite site-Dear Photograph

*Decided to start living my life by these rules

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4 thoughts on “******

  1. I used to do Derby! I actually just sold my outdoor wheels and most my pads today! I was terrible and didn’t have enough time to devote to it. And I sucked like bad.

  2. Does roller derby ever make you scared? I read an article about women who became paralized after doing it. It seems interesting but extreme.

    • Never! Maybe in the beginning when I could hardly skate, but now, I’m never scared. Accidents do happen, but we take a lot of safety precautions to prevent them. You should go to a local roller derby bout. The game is not as extreme as it seems 🙂

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