oh noes, my skirt!

I didn’t puke. In fact, after I got into the venue, I wasn’t nervous at all. It was really weird. I kept waiting and waiting on the nerves to kick in, but they never did. Bout day was amazing. There were a couple of hundred fans in the crowd cheering us on. Even though we were behind the entire game, you couldn’t tell that by the cheers. Anytime our jammer broke through, they roared. Any time a body hit the floor they roared. It was very encouraging. My team did not win, but I’ve never had more fun losing. We played a good game, and got a lot of constructive criticism about our playing. I can’t wait to watch the tapes of our bout and dissect it and figure out on what and how we can improve. Oh, and I would love to see the part where our jammer takes a whip off my skirt and pulls it down! Thank goodness I was wearing undies!!

that’s me #9 in the white skirt!

I can’t wait to do it again in 2 weeks.

In other news, I am currently trying out a new gym. So far, so good! My goal is to go 3 times a week (on non derby days) and do 45 min of cardio and then some strength, weight, or resistance training. I need to cross train. Roller derby  has been a blessing to my legs and thighs, but my upper body could use a little work 🙂

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