warming up for last week’s bout

*I had a roller derby bout last weekend. My team lost, but we expected it. We were playing a team we had no business playing. A team who’s been around a lot longer than we have and a team who have more experience. Still, it was a good game. We played better than I thought we would. And I am proud of us. Each bout, win or lose, teaches us something.

*My friend Sherisa at L’elephant Rose is hosting The Great Postcard Swap! I love postcards, so you already know I’m participating. My refrigerator is plastered with them and I have a cigar box full of them. I can’t wait to get more. Join me? Information can be found here.

*I posted a password protected entry about some big changes I’m making in my life. DM me on twitter, leave a comment with your email address, or contact me for the password.

*Work sucks

*Put kinky twists back in my hair last week

*New favorite site-Dear Photograph

*Decided to start living my life by these rules

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oh noes, my skirt!

I didn’t puke. In fact, after I got into the venue, I wasn’t nervous at all. It was really weird. I kept waiting and waiting on the nerves to kick in, but they never did. Bout day was amazing. There were a couple of hundred fans in the crowd cheering us on. Even though we were behind the entire game, you couldn’t tell that by the cheers. Anytime our jammer broke through, they roared. Any time a body hit the floor they roared. It was very encouraging. My team did not win, but I’ve never had more fun losing. We played a good game, and got a lot of constructive criticism about our playing. I can’t wait to watch the tapes of our bout and dissect it and figure out on what and how we can improve. Oh, and I would love to see the part where our jammer takes a whip off my skirt and pulls it down! Thank goodness I was wearing undies!!

that’s me #9 in the white skirt!

I can’t wait to do it again in 2 weeks.

In other news, I am currently trying out a new gym. So far, so good! My goal is to go 3 times a week (on non derby days) and do 45 min of cardio and then some strength, weight, or resistance training. I need to cross train. Roller derby  has been a blessing to my legs and thighs, but my upper body could use a little work 🙂

I want Wednesday

A POP phone attachment (in purple). They’re cute and come in a variety of colors. They can be used with phones and computers. And cut down your risk of cancer. ^_- $29.90 via Native Union.

Atom Lowboy wheels. I love my Poisons(my current wheels), but I want some harder, slimmer, wheels for our rink. From the awesome reviews, these are the ones I want! via Wickedskatewear.

The new Nook! The 6′ simple touch reader. I’ve been wanting an e-reader for awhile and I was impressed with the specs on this one. I love that it’s small and compact. And the battery life. “Barnes and Noble says that if you use the Nook for 30-60 minutes a day, read a page a minute, and leave the wi-fi off, the battery will last two months. Recharge time takes 3 hours.”-Gizmodo

Black canvas Toms. I don’t know why I don’t own a pair of these yet. via Toms