My entire weekend was filled with roller derby and it was awesome. Saturday my team and I volunteered at an event organized by our league President at WVU’s coliseum. Kids were allowed to see and explore different trucks(postal trucks, semis, ambulance, firetruck, etc.), cars, and even a helicopter. At our booth, we painted faces, gave airbrushed tattoos, and dressed up as SuperWhy characters(see pic below. I was Princess Presto, the black princess ^_^ ). It was a great event and it raised $10,000 for Timmy’s Fund, an organization dedicated to assisting families who are currently battling childhood cancer!

On Sunday, me, the bf, another roller girl and her hubby, drove to Ohio for 2 scrimmages. I had pre-scrimmage worries about how I would perform. I had nothing to worry about. I did fine! I am actually ok with the way I played instead of beating myself up about my performance.  The first scrimmage was my team v. another leagues B-team. We won! The second scrimmage was a mix of girls from 3 teams including ours, split into two teams. It was a lot of fun, but very tiring to play in two scrimmages back to back. I didn’t play much in the second scrimmage, but I was still worn out at the end of the day.


Taught my last day of preschool yesterday.  They graduate tomorrow. Woohoo! GTFO. Just kidding…or am I? ^_-


Freebie Five

My Freebie Five list! inspired by Michelle of Desultory Diversions and this clip from the show Friends.

(Freebie Five is the five celebrities you could sleep with and not get in any trouble.)

In no particular order…

1.James Franco-His smile makes me melt.

2. Pharell Williams-I love lil skateboard  P ❤

3.Alexander Skarsgard

4.Henry Cavill-He’s so damn sexy. I fell in love with him while watching The Tudors.  Loving that he’s going to be Superman in the Superman movie next year and  the shirtless in almost every scene Theseus in The Immortals coming out later this year. (he’s my fave on this list)

5.Clive Owen

Who’s in your freebie five?