Monday, Monday. You always come to fast. (that’s what she said!) I had a lovely weekend. The weather finally started acting right, so I’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors. Last weekend we had snow flurries and this weekend high 80s! Nice weather inspires me to be more active. I’ve been walking a couple of miles on evenings when I don’t have derby practice and yesterday my derby team skated 8 miles on the trail. Hurrah! Spring is finally here. *packs up my winter coats*

I had a good weekend. Started it off with a training for work in a city 2 hours away from me. The same training is actually being offered a mile from my house this Tuesday, but there’s a Mountain Goats show in Pittsburgh that night. You know how I feel about The Mountain Goats. Even though I haven’t decided if I’m actually going to go, I wanted the evening free in case I change my mind. I’ve seen them 3 times already so I’m thinking not…who knows!  I also did a little shopping this weekend.

Fossil Key-Per Shopper Purse

This purse…love at first sight. I love all of the designs in Fossil’s Key Per handbag line, but this style and design won my heart. It’s so, me!


I’ve always made fun of Crocs and I’m sure at some point I swore never to wear them. And now I own a pair! In my defense, they aren’t the classic Crocs style and they’re freaking comfy! I love them.

Mass Effect. I’m finally going to play the game that everyone has been suggesting for years. Just as soon as I finish Dragon Age 2 (I’m on Act 3).


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