bop, bop, bop, bop

Ladies and gentleman, I had the longest day in the history of preschool teaching. The kids have been absolute terrors this week aaaaaand today was the absolute worst! I had to deal with not one, but three temper tantrums! One resulted in me being covered with milk/food, the other resulted in me being kicked…repeatedly and the last just fucking annoyed me. Kids *sigh* I love them, but at times I can’t freaking stand them! Because of my long exhausting day, I skipped derby practice tonight. Instead, I’m in my pj’s drinking beer and watching netflix. I’ve been into random documentaries lately. Currently watching a documentary on  retired wrestler, Bret the Hitman Hart.

*shrug* Not sure why I’m watching it. I go through weird tv genre phases. I guess this is the “random documentary” phase.  The other day I watched a documentary about parking lot attendants.


My birthday was wonderful. Ate some cake, hung out with friends and I participated in my first scrimmage. My derby league split  into two teams and scrimmaged each other. It was pretty intense and a lot of fun. My team, the green team, was down two players. One was injured and one was sick, so we had no alternates to come in and relieve us. It was pretty tiring playing the whole time!  My team was in the lead the whole time, but ended up losing in the last few seconds by 3 points. 3 POINTS! It was a good time. Here are some pics!

That’s me! Blocking. Just before I  hit the pink team’s jammer!

Got stuck behind a wall while jamming!



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