It’s mah Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me! Today I am 28! Last  night I went through all of my blogs and read what i did for my bday’s past. It was hilarious, so I’ll share them with you.

March 20,2002(from my livejournal)  Mood-indifferent Music-FurtherSeemsForever

“Ahhh…I’m 19 years old. My birthday was okay. Yesterday morning I wasn’t feeling to well, but I took some medicine and a nap and when I woke up I was feeling better minus the nauseousess from the medicine. Yesterday seemed like any other day. I remember birthdays from when I was a kid and everyone would make a huge deal out of it. “So, how do you feel being 11?” Those were the days.It doesn’t feel any different being 19.”

March 20, 2003– (from livejournal) Mood-bouncy  Music-bright eyes

i am now officially 20! and obviously more mature
thesophiatheory: yar
liquidlion23: yar yar
thesophiatheory: yarrrrrrrrrrrrrr
liquidlion23: yar yar yar yar yar
thesophiatheory: ok…enough!
thesophiatheory: i’m 20 years old….i dont do this immature kinda stuff anymore
thesophiatheory: hmmph!
liquidlion23: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar
thesophiatheory: grow up
thesophiatheory: and be more mature like i
thesophiatheory: YARrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
thesophiatheory: i had to

March 20,2004 (from Simplysophia livejournal) – yesterday was my birthday. I’m the big 2-1 now. wooo…I guess. I thought I would be wasted the entire weekend, but I wasn’t. I didn’t even feel like it.

March 20,2005 (simplysophia livejournal) Mood-good Music-modest mouse– I went to fmla and then out to dinner(taco cabana!) to celebrate my birthday with the most fabulous people! shoutouts to all of you that came! KTO! Jesi! SPecial K! Eddie! Stina Anne! Lena


March 20,2006 SophiawritesSince last Friday(St. Patty’s day!) my life has pretty much been a non-stop party. Friday went out to the bars and got plastered! Made out with some guy…And a girl at the bar. I said I would never makeout with anyone at a bar. I find it disgusting and just eww! But I did it. tsk..tsk. Apparently, I’m excused from it because it was St Patrick’s day and you’re allowed to do such things on St. Patrick’s Day. My birthday came and left. It actually lasted for a few days. I had a good time. Spent most of it inebriated. Sunday day was spent in Dallas with Daddy.

We ate, talked, and watched “futbol”. Spent Sunday evening ringing in my Birthday with Amanda and Ryder at IHOP. Monday-the actually birthday-Had a birthday lunch with jimothy which later evolved into afternoon birthday beers at Lou’s with heather, Katie S., and Sean. Had a birthday dinner and margaritas with alot of my friends! (thanks so much for coming out, -I love you sean, Jim, Bryce,Amanda, Ryder, James, George, Liz, des, Cathy, Kendall, Katie, Natalie and Blake!), and partied it up at the bars later. Sean Greene sang a song at karaoke night for me. Graceland by Paul Simon. How appropriate. 🙂 Went to the Mavs game on Tuesday with Amanda, Ryder, and Jim. I had soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun! I cant even tell you everything that went on that night. I can however give you a summary-a million big beers, pitchers at hooters, kicked out of hooters, losing jims phone in a cab, mini strip off. bahahhaa. It was a great night. Last night was the first night in about a week that I was actually stayed in. It was nice. I got to do some studying and chill and watch Six feet Under. I think I may take a small break from drinking. A week! Here’s to my week of sobriety! Think I’ll make it until next Wednesday?

March 2007 (this is the story of how I fell in love with Holland and vowed to live there. And I did! ) (lophy-livejournal)- Holland was amazingly beautiful and tons of fun. I danced until dawn in the coolest of clubs. I turned 24 years old! I biked across amsterdam for hours and hours seeing sights and talking/listening to stories. Biking in amsterdam was hard work! I had to dodge cars, tons of other bikers, people, and trams! I drank far too much Belgian beer! Lost my glasses in Rotterdam.

Met John SinclairTHE John Sinclair! Fell in love with a lovely little dutch treat known as Stroopwafels! Sprained my ankle and continuously walked/danced on it and it is now swollen as fuck. shopped at a huge open market. Met some great people. Shared the home of Arjan, one of the coolest kids I have ever met who is also coming to visit in 3 weeks! Conquered my dumb fear of windmills. Walked through the infamous Red Light District where the whores were surprisingly pretty…well, some of them. Got to see and explore 4 of Hollands biggest cities. Went to the top of the Euromast, a huge tower that overlooks the city of Rotterdam.Was told that I was the most beautiful girl in Holland…that made my day. Learned how to pronounce Scheveningen properly…kind of. Refused to eat a Kroket-A deep fried snack with mystery meat in the middle! I’ve heard its quite tasty. Jeremy had a couple while we were there, but I could not bring myself to eat one. Perhaps one day. Fell in love with the country and vowed to live there at some point in my life 🙂

March 2008– Yea, I turned 25 yesterday. I spent it in Amsterdam just as I did last year. Though this year I wasn’t with a boyfriend in a quaint little Italian restaurant.

Instead, my friends cooked a nice vegan curry dinner for me and baked tons of cupcakes! I seriously ate about 9 cupcakes between yesterday and today and I have a ton more! Woot! Cupcakes are one of my favorite things in the entire world. Anywho, great dinner/wine with friends and that was it. My flatmates decorated the flat with balloons and a typical Dutch streamer.

March 2009– My birthday has come and gone. It was such a lovely time. I had a blast. There was cake, beer, and most importantly friends! We started out drinking/hanging out at my place and out on the later went out on the town. We had a blast. Some a little more than others. But this is neither the place nor the time. I also scored some awesome gifts! An XBOX 360! with some games including Street Fighter 4!, an amazing homemade cake, some chocolates and candy from poland, lots of booze, a cosmetic case, a lovely hardcover for my new macbook and flowers. Thanks for all the wishes as well!

March 2010

I spent my 27th birthday in Toronto! It was so much fun and you can read about it here, because I don’t feel like copy/pasting all of that! But here’s a pic of my birthday cupcake from some little place in Toronto.

For my 28th birthday, I will be playing roller derby! My team is having a mini scrimmage (30 minutes instead of the normal hour)! And my team better win ^_^


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