It’s humpday already! I’ve been getting my days confused since I didn’t have to work on Monday. I even forgot to do a Music Monday.

There you go. 🙂 The Thermals-Pillar of Salt

I had a great 3-day weekend. Did some derby stuff, ran a lot of errands and spent Sunday in Pittsburgh. Me and the bf did some shopping and had lunch at the Hofbrauhaus. Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh is a German restaurant modeled after the Hofbrauhaus in Munich! It’s very authentic and delicious! For an appetizer we had fried sauerkraut balls with mustard. They were amazing. For dinner I had a wurst sampler, which consisted of 3 different wursts and the bf had cordon bleu schnitzel. Both were really tasty. If you ever find yourself in Pittsburgh, pay them a visit. It really feels like you’re in a German beer hall, complete with musicians and girls in dimdls (traditional German beer dresses). Oh and the beer is good too.

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