I saw it at midnight (of course) with my bf and 4 other friends. I loved the movie. It stayed mostly true to the book. I’m not one to complain about little differences. I see the movie and book as two entirely different ways of telling the story of Harry Potter. We will be seeing it again next week in Memphis with a friend.

Memphis?! Yep, Memphis! I haven’t been home since January, so I’m coming to town for Thanksgiving. So excited to see my mom, friends, and eat some lovely southern food. I’m looking at you fried okra!

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?


you are the champions



That describes my weekend! Derby-filled! The Championships of roller derby were this weekend. I didn’t go, as originally planned, but I had a lot of time watching from the seat of my house in my pajamas! And with some of my team on Sunday. The games were all great, but the final–the final was the best derby bout I’ve ever seen. It was insane and intense and every jam counted until the very last minute! The score was 147-146. Rocky Mountain Roller Girls of Denver, Co are the #1 roller derby team in the world!

Grats ladies, you earned it!

Watching the best teams in the nation is fucking inspiring. I can’t wait to practice this week!