First two are obviously comic-con inspired…

Wonder Woman Tee

Batman Hoodie

Grey Ankle Cowboy inspired boots

Herringbone Coat


NYCC and stuff

I had such a good time on my little getaway to NYC this past weekend.

My flight for New York left Pittsburgh at 6 am on Friday morning. 6 am!!! That means I had to leave my house at 4 am to get there an hour before my flight departed. No fun! I knew neither my bf or I would wake up in time, so I pulled an all nighter. I worked all day ¬†Thursday, went to an intense derby practice that evening, and then stayed up all night before a day full of walking around NYC. Crazy!!! I don’t know what I was thinking.

I spent Friday at the Met, walked through Central Park, met up with my sister and her friends (they were in town too!), and of course went shopping.

I spent all Saturday at NYCC. Oh, man. I wish I bought a 3 day pass instead of just a one day ticket. I had so much fun! I walked around for hours and hours and still didn’t see everything. I didn’t go to any panels, just walked around, met some people, played some games, visited booths and bought stuff! I saw some really creative cosplay.

Recognize them all? ^_^

Unfortunately, I didn’t dress up. I, Sophia the princess of procrastination, didn’t finish my costume in time. ¬†Surprise, surprise! Hopefully, it will be perfected before the next con which will be *drumroll* Pax East in Boston. Who’s coming?!

badge, me and Thor, anime floor

It was nice getting away from everything for a bit. Really relaxing. I’m already counting down the days until I can do it again! Being in a big city reminded me how much I love city life. This little town life is NOT for me. I need the diversity of people and activities.

I changed my hair.


Twists! Again. Decided to go back to them. They’re so much more convenient than dealing with my own hair! And I can experiment with colors. You can’t see from the pic, but about 1/4 of my twists are red. I’m a quarter red head, y’all! I’m digging them. Let’s see how long I can keep them in this time