A friend of mine recommended that I download the demo for Limbo on Xbox Live. He knows my gaming taste, so I downloaded it to check it out and see if he was right yet again. He was! Limbo is amazing. It’s a 2d puzzle game and the main character is a little boy on the search for his sister. There’s no dialogue or backstory told in the beginning of the game. It simply opens with the little boy, basically a dark silouette with white eyes, laying there waiting for you to start his journey through Limbo.

The game is eerily, beautiful. The world looks as if it was drawn in charcoal. Featuring only blacks, and shades of grey. I love the artistic side of it and if I could, I would totally hang a frame from the video game on my wall. Like I said before, the purpose of the game is to rescue your sister, but lots of obstacles stand in your way. Death is literally hanging around every corner. There are spiders out to get you, bear traps, kids that trick you on the way…it’s very inventive! You really have to think to pass each obstacle-using yourself, nature and ordinary objects to help you along. But just remember, things aren’t as simple as they look. I learned this after dying over and over in one spot. The game is very much trial and error. After every death (the death’s are horrific!), you should learn from your mistake.

If you have an Xbox live account, I definitely recommend buying this game or at least downloading the demo! It really is amazing. You will find yourself lost in “Limbo” in just a few minutes. Even though” Limbo” is short, about 5-6 hours, it’s definitely worth getting. It costs 1200 Microsoft points which is about $15. Totally worth it! Check out this short video to see some gameplay.

2 thoughts on “Limbo

  1. oooh J was showing me this teaser the last time i was up. don’t think he’s gotten the game yet though 🙂

    is it ridiculous that i like watching him play some stuff? lol

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