The bf was on military “orders” last week and again this week. I loved my time alone for the first 2 days and after that I was like “OMG! COME HOME!” If he ever gets deployed, I’m just going to go visit my mom in Memphis. He’s been deployed a couple of times, but it was before I moved in. Speaking of moms, I need to visit her anyway! I haven’t seen her since January. I miss her…a lot. Isn’t it weird that I managed to visit her more when I lived in the Netherlands than I do now?

I had a really nice weekend. The bf had a birthday on Saturday. I cooked all of his favorite meals. SO we had bacon (we never eat bacon!), biscuits, eggs, and sausages for breakfast, cupcakes for lunch, and ribs/corn/salad for dinner. My first rack of ribs came out perfectly. Thanks to Jim who never fails me when it comes to a recipe. I canvassed for Planned Parenthood on Sunday. I, along with 3 others, went door to door in Bridgeport, WV, speaking the importance of prevention and collecting “prevention first” postcards. Most people immediately associate Planned Parenthood with abortions but it’s so much more. Planned Parenthood’s main goal is to make sure every individual has access to preventive reproductive healthcare and education in order to make thoughtful and responsible decisions regarding sexuality. It’s very important that prevention efforts continue to get funding in West Virginia. Every day 10 teenagers get pregnant in West Virginia. Crazy! I had a great time talking to the people in the community and getting to know some fellow activists. And I got a cool shirt and some stickers!

In other news, I’ve been applying to jobs again. As you know, I have a very part time job at a retail store. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it. I do want a job that offers more hours, stability, and something I enjoy. After sending out resumes, I have an interview next week for a pre-k teacher position. Excited! Cross your fingers that I get it!

2 thoughts on “shoo

  1. Love that you are so involved in such a great cause. Good luck with the interview, I totally hope you get it! I think I may have start sending out applications too..

  2. good luck!!!

    I’m a big supporter of planned parenthood too!! I love the Tshirt!! I want one!!

    Are you going to share the recipe for ribs? 🙂 🙂

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